Rescue Journal

hope everyone is enjoying the new photo album...

Carol  ·  Oct. 22, 2009

i know i really did...thank you nicole!
it almost made me forget the other side of rescue..(but not quite) know.... the OTHER side of how lovely they all are.

like....phoebe the freak bit and drew blood today...louise was just being polite and kind and saying hello to the red whirling hag.

like..percy breaking into the hay shed when colleen was being kind to me and putting them all to bed. he shoved his whole freaking body in there, in that little 8 foot shed. then he got stuck when colleen tried to turn him around so she came to get me to rescue the gluttous moron (i think she said she had to climb out the window.) by the time i got out there, he was unstuck and coming out on his own..i told him he was stupid (or some such thing) and that giant bastard cow, came the rest of the way out and POW POW kicked me twice in the back of my leg.

like...pete who did not want to go into the goats bedtime pen and decided to try to take me on. i finally just went and got a leash and noosed him and dragged him along.

like...finally getting back into the house and making my dinner in my new toaster oven...toasted tuna and cheese on rye bread...mmmmmm... good. and as i shut myself up into the laundry area at my new little table and chairs..i stared at the dogs surrounding the gate that kept them away from me and my dinner and i realized......

i am actually reduced to eating in a feeding pen.

in any case, the photo album was a nice treat.



Oh Oh ...

You have labeled Gideon when it is really Sparkle in the picture with her under the loafing shed near the shaving bin... and that is Molly out front on her own... identified as Sissy. As you can see I totally enjoy the photos & love to look at them over & over again...

on another note.. did everyone notice Sparkle & Gideon grooming each other behind Spritely... those 2 really do love each other, it will be a extremly sad day when our Knight in shinning armour decides it is his time to leave us, in the mean time , everyone gets to enjoy his company


Appreciate it... HOLY SMOKE BATMAN , I am in heaven, I really do appreciate the time & effort you put into the album, there are too many favorite photos for me to mention... but it was great too see Spritely in all her glory , the barn is still not quite the same , but I'm sure Czar will help fill that void .


your bio's are in my head waiting to make the long and difficult journey from that dark and sometimes scary place thru an 8 hr working day caring for humans to some extended moments of peace within the chaos of 113 needy and freaky and leaky animals.

but where the hell is the computer room mop? thats a way more burning question for me this morning.


The album was great and wonderful to look at. However, I must say that eating in a pen took the cake - I can't stop laughing! And here I thought you were going to be grateful for eating undisturbed.

Chris T

I think that is hysterical that you are eating in a pen. Is at least an effective pen to keep everyone away from your food or have you let them all in already?


The Pics turned out great ! So glad you have a spot to sit, even if you are 'penned'. I bet that was the best damn tuna melt you've had in a long long time !

Cheers Carol


your VERY OWN feeding that's something to be grateful about lmao :)