Rescue Journal

it was a just toss the balls up in the air and chasing the freaking bouncy things down.

Carol  ·  Oct. 23, 2009

i was up at 4:30 am for the very early morning shift...that sucked.
then the staff called, the water tank had run dry. i talked angelina thru switching back to the well but it will take a day or so to get the water pressure in the water pipes back up to full....that sucks.
our brand new 2 week old washer died right in the beginning of saints daily laundry building mountain...guess what? that really sucked. the repair guy has just come and gone, the thing is working again. apparently it had a giant hairball stuck in its drain pipe again.
hairballs in rescue also suck big time too.

so on this late friday afternoon and well into tonight, i get to do the sainted mountain of urine soaked towels and bedding, oh how much fun is my life?
well a new load is in..i have about an hour..and i have to go shopping for something to cook for felix the food -less freak plus get the wet barn guys to bed. i wonder if i can manage both without cutting too much into the laundry doing time.

i am such a freaking perpetual "have to do'er"..hah! that sucks even more than the other stuff.

hmmm...i wonder, what does felix want for supper? how about scrambled eggs again?



i got the email...i am saving her for a REAL emergency.... me having to put thru laundry in the evening doesn't count for an honest to god laundry crises.
i am trying to not abuse her..the real thing will come, it always does...and its not like i have anything better to do...might as well do the laundry.


Julie said Janis sent you an e-mail about calling her when you are in a pinch with the laundry due to water situation....just call S.O.S. LAUNDRY but she never heard back from you...her phone no. should be posted right above the washer!