Rescue Journal

cleo left us today

Carol  ·  Oct. 24, 2009

she started a bleed out into her gut. we got her into the vet this morning but there was nothing to be done. there was another type of cancer hiding in her spleen and heart.

cleo died peacefully, safe within my arms.

i love you cleo.



We are all going to miss you so much cleo, your one of the dogs that has really touched me and im so glad I got the chance to know you. Say hi to mugsy sweetheart.


So sorry for your loss Carol,I sometimes have a hard time (from up north) to keep track of all your saints...But when I came down my I conviced my husband to have a movie night with cleo who shared my pretzels all night and curled up by me,cole settled on his bed and bill had daphane#1(he loves his cockers)

run free cleo(thank you for you special memory)


@#*&% my heart is heavy. Our dear Cleo...I wish I could get those ears of yours one more time or one of your sweet kisses. Your presence will be greatly missed. May you find a big comfy chair on the other you Cleo.


I remember the day Cleo and Mugsy arrived sedated and were in your now bedroom. Now Cleo can be with him again - sleep well special girl.


So very sorry for your huge and sudden loss Carol.

See you later honeybun Cleo.


Goodbye, sweet Cleo. You were a very good dog. You are leaving behind many friends who will remember you with love.


one other thing, dawne i got your envelope and absolutely loved the paw prints and sentiments for estee. she was a beautiful dog and i miss her. thanks so much for thinking of me. i will treasure it forever.


i was thinking that since i came to saints almost 3 years ago that my heart has been broken so many times, but it has also been filled with joyous laughter and the knowledge that all these animals have been loved when no one else loved them. it is indeed an up and down roller coaster ride but one which i would have not missed for the world. i really wish that others could know what a special place saints is, i tell everyone i meet ,there are those that care and those that do not gi,ve a damn i am glad that i am one of those that care. cleos passing may not mean alot to some people but to carol and those who knew her it is a huge loss.


that breaks my heart, i know how much cleo loved you and you her. i thought when you took her into the vets today that she would be okay. i am so sorry carol. i know that if she could not be with you than it was the mp room. i am glad that you adopted her and gave her a special home. rest in peace cleo and say hi to mugsy from us.