Rescue Journal

i am beyond frustrated

Carol  ·  Oct. 25, 2009

i am so close to those freaking tears that i thought had gone away.
we don't even have a drop of water anywhere. the well is full but we cannot get to it because when the last water tank went empty, we apparently ran the pump dry til it died.. plan z..... til we can get a new pump or the old one fixed again.... the water truck is on its way to fill up the water tanks for the barn..i have a small portable pump so we can run that water thru the hoses to buckets to carry to wherever we need.

the problem is..i am not here usually when the water runs out..too many people have to know to turn the electricity breaker to the pump off when the water is gone, or it runs and runs and runs trying to get water that is not there til it burns out. we can have all the water in the world but without a functioning pump, we can't get at it.

today it is critical....the barn guys have no water in their troughs. they only have the pond to drink from. thank god it at least is full.
i just set up the little outdoor pump, moved the troughs and hoses so we can fill them and bucket water out of them for the barn and still have the hose to get water for the animals and bleach buckets in the house.

it is so beyond is so much extra work, it is such a continuous drain of our financial resources to keep messing around with the pump and water supply.
and where is that water truck?..i want to fill those troughs and the house and barn buckets and all the little water jugs and be done with the whole watery frustrating mess for tonight!

then...since the tears are back... i will have a good cry.

6:30 update..the water is not coming...maybe tomorrow morning. the plumbers will be here first thing..wanna bet it is the magic $500 or more bill again?

no bath, no laundry..does getting wet out in the rain tonight count as almost getting clean? if anything ever drives me out of rescue it will be the freaking water headache thing.



I was just going to post the exact thought Cora. I think in my last well it was something like a floater in a toilet...that shut off power to my pump.


Carol, as the plumber if a low water switch or alarm can be installed. When the water reaches a certain level, the switch trips, stopping the pump from running or an alarm sounds alerting someone to switch the pump off. May need to be done by an electrican but the plumber should know.