Rescue Journal

there is permafrost and permawhine and both are heading our way.

Carol  ·  Oct. 26, 2009

colleen put the barn guys to bed for me..i was late getting home from work. the whole goats in the goat pen/stall at night ain't working...unless you bribe them in with their food bowls..pete won't go in., re-adjust...except i need them confined at night because not only is winter coming but there is a cougar after small livestock loose in our area.
i have to figure this out and quit messing around. if we can get them all into an iron clad routine of where everyone is supposed to go, it makes barn bedtime easier (and safer)

bottom line to make it real easy?...we need another small barn (or less barn animals).... gee i wonder which is easier to achieve?

the water issue is all sorted out for now (i think) least til the summer when we run out of water again. but soon we will be dealing with frozen pipes and frozen water buckets and ice making everything slippery and dangerous for both humans and the four footed beasts.

who'd have thought that too much water (ie mud), too little water (ie we don't have any) too cold water (ie it is frozen solid) would be such a year long headache?

not me cuz i used to live in the freaking civilized city where water was just water and you could get exactly the right amount and in the right consistency that you happen to need.

the dogs are slowly all moving back into sweater vests, the horses are wearing their blankets..fall is quickly getting colder and wetter and winter is creeping up on us.

you think i whine about no water and flies, just wait til the very first snow....then i really start complaining, the work get expotentially harder in 3 feet of snow.
anyway..since the snow ain't here yet...and we now have water again...i am back to trying to figure out the current problem of how and where to get everyone in the barn yards, settled safe and warm and dry for the upcoming winter.

anyone have any bright ideas they can think of to share?



can you/staff/volunteers etc start thinking of the wintertime wishlist so i can post it again?


when I say feed room, what I actually mean is feed storage , something built that the critters can't get at, but we can keep the food dry & contained... I have ideas in my head ...


We build a small feed room off the side of the now goat stall & feed them from there, we can feed the sheep there too... if that is still the plan. Cows & horses & pigs fed from the horse barn & Carl sheep & goats feed from the Cow barn...


got that big ol shop doin nothin but keepin stuff dry...maybe goats would fit?and not be terribly noisy or destructive....uh, or not!