Rescue Journal

and the saints gong show continues...

Carol  ·  Oct. 27, 2009

frodo popped out of my back seat just as i was pulling into work..what? 20 miles from home or something? in the meantime..tammy and colleen were back at the farm combing every nook and cranny looking for him...bad frodo..who by the way quite enjoyed his extended road trip and one on one time with me today. i thought he would freak out once i left him in the van in my undergound parking, but true to frodo..he just curled up in the drivers seat and had a nap til i was done for the day. lucky for him i had a migraine and left work an hour early.

barn bedtime entailed KO, laura and me chasing a 30 pound goat all over the place and the goat was winning!...edith was a high flying, uncoorperative and very tricky little goat tonight. she DID NOT want to go to bed...laura was laughing so hard she said she was going to pee her pants (i said that was called... laughing down your leg) the end we cornered that little wiley fiend and just picked her up and carried her off to bed! bad goat!

barn updates...the vet was out to see ellie (her arthritis is soooo bad right now)...metacam has finally come up with a cattle variety (who'd have thought they would finally acknowledge pain control in arthritic cows) anyway..the vet is going to check for us about using it for ellie, maybe that will give her more relief than the equine quatrisol (hey..pigs have pain too...not just cats, dogs, horses and now cows!)

he had a look at czar who is not a huge vet fan..he kept pulling at my sweater and basically letting me know that he was quite annoyed with me. strangely enough...guess who came over to comfort him? lahanie! (wow, big boy, i didn't think you actually had a compassionate bone in your body! apologies for judging you so incorrectly!)
and the vet had a quick look at herman (he did not want to be touched) week we will do something about his overgrown teeth.



Sounds like a joke..."did you hear about the one about a nurse, 2 bankers and a goat". Saints is good for the soul....I laughed sooo hard!