Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Oct. 28, 2009

it reeks like old urine in here today..when i first walked in i thought who the hell had a perm here today..oh one, that is old ammonia i smell..gross...a not so perfect end to a not so perfect i say screw it and just smell it all night long or do i start cleaning til i find where it is coming from?
both choices totally suck.

barn bedtime went better....we got everyone where they needed to be BEFORE they got their actual food bowls. but lahanie was a big bully while we were shifting them all along. he is such a freaking dolt.

well..i guess i better fire thru the last couple of loads of laundry, search out and clean up some old rotten pee. i will wait to eat cuz i ain't eating when it smells like a urinal in here.

a bit of not rescue leaky old dogs....go for the young ones with good bladder tone.


Carol hour and a half later..all beds are changed, all floors are washed, and a new mountain of laundry is just begun plus stinky old felix got a bath and a clean sweater...the smell finally is gone.
yay!..quick trip to the mp guys, pee breaks, a walk for shadow, diabetics, dinner and a bath for me and bed buddies here i come!


ah..but young dogs urine smells better.

same with people...ever notice the smell of extended care units verses nurseries..old kidneys don't filter as well as young ones.

Yvette~Turtle Gardens

young not housebroken yet dogs pee a lot too! Rescue at any age is a lot of moping up!