Rescue Journal

there are a couple of things i better post about tonight so everyone tomorrow has a heads up.

Carol  ·  Oct. 30, 2009

firstly the vet came to do tunie's and hermans feet (and hermans teeth)..tunie got her feet done..herman got nothing done..he was and still is royally pissed off. the vet will come back and try again next week. tunie's feet look good, but because they were so long, he accidently clipped the quick on her back left foot. she is fine but it is bugging her so if you see her lifting her foot, she is ok and it should feel better in a day or so.

cole has no idea any more where his back end is...sooo..i have switched the waters around in the computer room..the tall pail is by the cat run door (so his butt isn't up against it and he is not accidentally pooping in the water bowl.) the big low water bowl is by the door into the kitchen so the little dogs can have a drink in here too (and it is safe from our dear cole's poop.)

and finally...little mister is here. the dog is a horror..i actually forgot we had both of his eyes out...he was blind anyway and in agony from the pressure and no one could treat him because he is such a biting freak. we actually thought that if he wasn't in such pain, he might be nicer... or not. sooooo..he has no eyes, his front feet are deformed, and he only has one tooth (which will still hurt you if he sinks it into your flesh) he is a truly horribly bred puppy mill dog...and he is not altogether right in his head.

anyway...he has already tried to bite me three is only when i try to touch him. i laid with him in his pen while i fed him his dinner and he could of cared less. i think everyone should just stay away from him and let me fiddle around with whatever he needs.

hopefully his mom will be well enough to go home soon and then he can too.
in the meantime, i do feel sorry for the little emotionally isolated bugger so i will try to make friends with him..even if it doesn't least it will break up the monotony of his day.

rosie did a bad thing today...she tried to eat one of the cat beds! yay rosie, good girl, you go for wrecking as much stuff as you want!
don't anyone ever stop rosie from doing something bad,,for her something bad is really good.



she is not ingesting it..she was just ripping the shit out of was FUN!


um, well please stop her from ingesting the inside of cat beds!! we don't need any foreign body issues to add to her current list.