Rescue Journal

we lost mosley today

Carol  ·  Oct. 30, 2009

he has been sliding downwards for the past few weeks. today he didn't eat and louise found him in his bed drooling. she and colleen took him down to the vet. the vet called me..he had an ear infection and he wouldn't let her look in his mouth. she thought he might have a huge mouth inflammation because he had to have all of his teeth out last year for the same reason, or he had a tumour in there but whatever it was, was too painful for him to open his mouth.
colleen stayed with him til i got there. she showed me the brown crud from his ear..ok it was gross but it was not full of pus so that was not what was bringing him down so low. but i had already decided to euthanize because i have known for awhile that mosley was nearing the end of his road.
he was so afraid in there...i felt so bad for him. the vet gave him his pre-sedation, but he was too upset to fall asleep. she gave him some more but it upset his stomach, and then he started to vomit.

finally the second dose kicked in and he drifted off. we gave him the final injection and he passed quickly away.
after he was gone we looked in his mouth...a very small tumour and slightly red area..not enough to cause him so much distress. but he was so very pale and he had started to show a bit of jaundice along his gums.
so i think a few things here...i think his anemia from the feline leukemia was getting to be a big problem. i think the jaundice was because he was beginning the dying process as his organs began to shut down.

i think i might have rushed him a bit. i should have probably brought him home again and booked a home euthanization tomorrow so he wouldn't have been so afraid today.... but by then it was too late.

rest in peace now dear mosley, i am so sorry i didn't slow down and think this all of the way thru. you were a truly lovely cat, and we will all really miss you.



Sorry Helga...I know how much those loves mean to you.

Mosely will be missed madly.

When I put him in the crate and closed the door Theresa meowed. I bent down to stroke and love on her for a moment. When I stood up Rock was fiercely grinding his face over the crate door at Mosely. Love.


He did eat a bit this morning but went and curled up in his bed right after. Purred like a motor when I went to stroke him before I left but never got up. Miss ya Mosley kid.