Rescue Journal

it was a good day today.

Carol  ·  Oct. 31, 2009

it is not often where i get really desperate and ask for help with something i need help with because honestly, i usually can deal with most things without bothering folks. but it is nice to know that when my desperate cries do go out, the people who care about us every day, willingly step in to lend a hand.
all i can say is...thank you guys.

moving the water bowl was a good idea to keep coles butt from adding his poop to the water...except..i just watched that idiot max, lift his leg and pee right where the water bowl is now..sigh, now their water is yelllow.

oh where oh where will i move the thing now?

4lane had a couple of small seizures...hmm what is with that? then he vomitted on my bed and had a bile, blood streaked diarrhea on the floor...oh 4lane, sweetheart.....what's happening with you today?

mostly it was a very good day because today i had the emotional freedom to remember why i actually do this kind of rescue.

i adore these animals. i love to watch them, i love to look into their faces, i love the feel of their trusting heads resting inside my hands. i love to look into their eyes and see the warmth of their contentment, looking right back at me.

the other day i was questioning the validity in what i see around me. today i think i see the truth...these animals are better, these animals are happier, these animals are more at peace since coming here.

rosie did a little happy rosie run to catch up with us on our walk today.

anyway..i guess for now, we are ok.



he's better again now...back to tormenting jesse and reggie. anyway..i don't know, but remember he has had problems in the past and he is coming up to 15.

maybe not "the" world roff..but yes, their world is better i think.


And just to add to your recognitions you made today, how about "And the world is a better place because of what I am doing here."

It IS the truth, you know.