Rescue Journal

little mister thinks beef stroganoff from a box SUCKS!

Carol  ·  Nov. 3, 2009

he spent a long time burying his dinner. felix liked it mister and he is a way pickier eater!
lyle came with his big machine thing..the barn roads are topped up with gravel and the riding ring and loafing sheds have a thick clean coat of hog fuel for winter. oh yay..i was actually on top of this BEFORE the mud and snows came!

steve is starting on the bird aviary animal here is living in a little crappy cage. it won't be as good as being free but it will be 100 times bigger than what they are used to. and by the way...we are looking for a little friend for the budgie...i don't think any animal should be alone without a friend to groom and talk to. so if anyone knows anyone in rescue who would like to live in our new aviary with a nice friend, please let us know..yellow rose is lonely and she wants a room mate.

dusty just about took out my knee tonight..she is one hefty and chunky flinging around machine. she doesn't play often but when she does, one might need a knee brace for a day or two after she is done....dusty, the happy oaf.

archie is still discombobulated from his vet trip yesterday, plus his skin is really bothering him so the vet said it is ok to start him on venatylP. he had metacam today, so we will start him tomorrow.
angel's fructose levels were on the higher side of ok so since clinically and symptomatically she is doing well, we will leave her insulin dose where it is.

i am has been very busy these past couple of days...12 new admits for me to fit into the schedule in the next 3 days..sigh, the nurses are going to kill me...that's 4 admits a day.

a week and a half til my holidays...just one job for 13 days instead of two....i can't wait!

oh..and i finally got around to checking in with joey and peluchi and they are both very happy and doing great!!!!



Very happy to hear that Joey & Peluchie are doing well.... I sure missed seeing Joey bombing around the lower field last week-end.