Rescue Journal

just the medical stuff tonight..i had a crappy day at work, i was stuck at the desk, answering the phone (this is not what i trained for!)

Carol  ·  Nov. 5, 2009

i am a little bit upset with rose. this would be the "i wag my tail every day now" rose..the rose who likes a morning belly rub..and rose who is currently almost making me fall as she hustles her butt to follow me around in the kitchen because the possibility exists that i might be getting something to eat and she would like some please.
i am upset because she has a ton of mucousy crap in her eye..and that is how the last one started before the pressure built really high. i am not taking out her last eye..she wants it, she needs it and i am not doing that to her.
sigh..i better make a vet appointment and get her pressure checked before that insideous glaucoma destroys this eye too...rose is freaking me out now.

geez are getting to be a pain in the ass (GOOD FOR YOU!!!)..she probably thinks it is about time someone really cared enough to worry over her.

gideon was off today..the vets came out and checked him over and took some more blood. i think he might have been pissed over not getting his apple as he was leaving the barn this morning. anyway..i checked tonight and he ate all of his dinner and was working away on his orchard grass hay. i wasn't worth more than a brief look away from his business of stuffing his face with his dinner tonight. (GOOD FOR YOU TOO GIDEON!)..i like it when they feel well enough to ignore me while they stuff their face.

it was mothers day at the vet today..mama T has a sore mouth..she got an ABX injection and i am to think on the possibility of removing her teeth or starting steriod injections (neither great options for a FeLV.)

and mama mia went in to have her ear checked...she has an ear infection AND we need to watch her mouth too. apparently it is just the affected ear side of her mouth that is inflamed so we will see what ABX and ear drops do for her.

well...rose is giving me the really intent and hopeful one eye stare..i guess i better go get my dinner and be prepared to share.

oh and....the aviaries are done and they look GREAT!!! thx to handsome steve our sainted wonderman with a new hydrolic staple gun who builds all kinds of cool stuff for us!



I just wanted to give a big thanks to your fabulous handyman, Steve. People who have carpentry, building and mechanical skills are absolutely INVALUABLE to animal rescue as they help to create a home for the residents. They are not often acknowledged but their ability to transform spaces into animal-friendly paradises and MAINTAIN these animal-friendly paradises over the years is simply magical.


that eye might be able to be maintain with eye meds. they are expensive, but i have a bottle left over from Buttons. (it's called trusopt) if the vet thinks it will help her eye.