Rescue Journal

i finally figured it out...duh!

Carol  ·  Nov. 6, 2009

i now know why max is such a dick-head and always on lucas's case (and why lucas doesn't turn around and nail him to make him shut up..max is too sure of himself....controlling lucas is his god given right.)

this such a break thru in my thinking that i had to dislodge sissy who was sleeping on my lap to write this. but it is a bit of a stretch in the imagination so try to come along with me on this.

max is a cattle dog....who has never herded cattle. he sees our stationary cows that don't move around awhole lot and when they is sort of casual movement (except at barn bedtime, when they go nutz, but max isn't outside then so he misses that part.)

anyway..instinctually..his job is to control wayward and trouble causing cows. fortunately..we don't have any of those in the house.
but we have lucas...he is big, and brown, and he gets wayward sometimes when someone pisses him off. like when a crippled jewel is lumbering off her bed too close to his head..then he gets up and tells her to piss off.

that is max's cue to rush in and start barking at his butt. max barks at the trouble causing butt..the butt moves to get out of the pissed off cattle dogs way and when max is satisfied that the stupid not cow has been safely contained..he goes and lays down again.

until lucas gets up again.

max is a dog with a job and that job apparently is in controlling lucas.

poor lucas..the last thing i would want in life is a crazy cattle dog on my ass all the time...and even be mistaken for a house cow.
maybe max's eyesight is worse than i thought.