Rescue Journal

messed up morning

Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2009

here is how wake up goes around here until my mind shifts into full gear...i get out of bed and head for a pee, my mind takes in the grossness that i have to deal with before i have my morning cup of tea. i turn on the kettle and grab the mop and paper towels and hopefully the kettle has not boiled dry before i am done with the high speed gross clean up. then i make the tea..this morning i already decided i slept in too late to go out for breakfast so i grab something to eat and sit down to read my emails....

ughhh...who is making that smell? rose is dropping poop all around me as she is trying to say hello. breakfast gets tossed in the garbage, i am convinced the food in my hand has absorbed that overpowering smell. i clean up the new mess and regret not going out to eat.

oh well..really too late now.

rose went to the vet yesterday and had her eye pressure is absolutely fine..i am just being a remaining eye pressure paranoid freak out. but they told me her weight was down from oct 19th by 10 pounds...TEN POUNDS???? now i am really freaking out because since her eye removal she is eating really well.
the vet calls me and says they decided to re-weigh her because that seemed like an awful lot..and actually she is only down 3 and a half pounds..but still...3 and a half pounds for her and the amount she is eating is still a lot.

i think that pretty much confirms, along with her normal bloodwork that something dark is growing inside her and eating all of her calories up.

so this is how my morning up messes, missing my breakfast, and hurting inside because maybe i won't be smelling rose's poop for very much longer.

my morning is totally messed up now, i feel horrible inside...what a waste of breakfast..why the hell did i not think to give it to rose instead of tossing it out???

sorry rose... my bad....i will get you something else to eat.



Good morning Carol,
My name is Dalia. I have never met you before, but surely heard a lot about you and your mission to help all the doggies who need you to help them. I have heard much more, but there is not enough space here to share everything.

This morning sounded as it all "landed" on you in one morning.
...........yet, you keep doing all that needs to be done in order to save doggies.

May God shine upon you
May God shine through you.

hugs to all the woooolfies.