Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 7, 2009

you know how you have the thread of your day planned, and you follow that thread right thru and then you have these moments of interludes independent of the thread itself but still entwined thru?

does that make sense?

so like today my thread was in finishing off the area where the aviaries are. it was stuffed with stuff and it bugged me, like the birds and their new home were a second thought. so my job today was to pull shelves out, move others in, re-organize and make everything fit..neat and tidy so the birds didn't have to look at a helter skelter mess like they were living in a messy closet.

but i did not start my day in there..first there was the walk with the dogs, mo and wendy in the pissing down rain...(with breakfast cuz lynne brought me some..thx lynne!) cole was retching and we were all sympathizing, especially mo cuz cole is mo's very special friend. mo also was not feeling well and a little while later, she too thought she might she moved away to the middle of the pasture, bent over and feeling crappy and cole went to sympathize with her.
he looked so concerned..he licked her leg, stared up at her intently...two loving friends sharing the same upset tummy.

i wasn't going to get caught up with what they were sharing (i hate that woozy, sick to my stomach feeling) so i just gave mo an anti-nausea pill.

i had to go out and pick up some more bird food, some insulin and a new muzzle for caspar (his is missing and none of the others fit him here.) while i was out i was thinking about yellow rose (the budgie) and how sad and lifeless she seemed to be even in her new aviary. ethics being fluid..meaning i believe certain things and try to stick by them until one of our animals need me to do something different. we had been looking for a rescue budgie for her but the 2 that we found, didn't pan out. push came to shove..unhappy and lonely bird...bird in a pet store destined for a life in a cage.

i bought him (please note..I bought him, not saints.) we named him "tex" ( laura's idea...the yellow rose and texas.) already yellow rose is perkier and happier, she is more alive...she really needed a friend. today i supported the pet selling industry...i feel guilty most of the time except when i see them together.

once everyone was gone for the day, i got back at my main up that area mess. halfway thru some visitors came..they were hoping to look i gave them a tour..again in the rain. i don't think saints shined was dripping wet, the house dogs were frantic cuz i was busy out in the mp building most of the day...dusty and lucky were happy tho to have me puttering around in there.

anyway..we did the tour..they got to meet everyone. they apparently saw us on "the national" and were visiting from newfoundland..huge animal lovers themselves, really nice folks. the husband said i was headed straight to heaven...i said more likely the asylum..but in any case i think they enjoyed getting to see the real place.

i did finally mostly wrap up my thread for the day (still have to clean out the old cages and toss some crap away.) and then colleen helped me put the barn guys to bed.

percy scared me tonight...i didn't like him hopping up at me with his head down and a crazed look in his eye.
not sure what that was all about but i think it has something to do with the crappy weather, the early darkness and having three very young and not so settled cows.

i miss jeanette and spot...he was better behaved when they were around.

and that's my interludes today.

to answer where the birds came from...they came from a co-worker...something about a new place and landlords and no birds allowed.



Erin, you gave me shivers thinking about those unloved unhappy dogs. Especially with this crap weather. *wishing them love and luck*

I hope the Newfoundlanders saw through the wet and found the true love and care happening here. It was a miserable rainy day.

Percy did the same thing with me when scooping manure in the field Friday...he came running over, closely followed by Joy. ( now THAT'S a bit scary! with 2 large cows ) Head butting the wheelbarrow when I moved it inch by inch to by a tree. Is he feeling his oats by age? or is it the weather and time change, or is it a cow thing?? I rubbed his head and scratched his ears and that was good for a few moments but it continued inch by inch while I moved the wheelbarrow. Finally, I gave up.

He KNOWS what he's doing. It's evident on his face. What's up Percy???


i think saints shines every day. maybe its not always clean but not a one of those animals is cowering in a corner somewhere, suffering, cold, wet, scared and completely alone. not one. ever again.