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lock down at saints

Carol  ·  Nov. 8, 2009

shit happens even under the very best of circumstances. on friday evening..i pulled a towel that was stuck halfway in and out the laundry room cupboard door out and tossed it into the machine. we have child locks on those cupboard doors to keep the piss-a-holic cats from peeing in there. today lynne watched as another towel was slowly being pulled in? huh? winter was locked in the cupboard..she must of snuck in on friday when renee was looking for daphne's sweater. that poor cat was in the cupboard for almost 48 hours..this is how cats die in people's cupboards. anyway..she is fine, no worse for wear..she is luckily a young and healthy cat.

live and learn.... we cut the plastic locks off those doors, in retrospect, the cats are more than welcome to come AND go and pee in them.

and again usual frodo went for a nap in my van. the keys were in it and that was fine because the doors won't lock without the key.
unless one is inside the van and step on the locking thing.
luckily tammy had BCAA so they came out and unlocked the door and frodo is now bombing about the rabbit and medical rooms..locked down again but in a different place.

i think i figured out what upset the cows last night..a good portion of one of our old trees is down in the lower pasture. i wonder if those branches broke off while percy was standing under them? is time for that tree to come down but in a planned way, not piece by piece on top of our barn guys heads just before bedtime...apparently, it pisses them off.

and speaking is bedtime again... i better make emily's bottle.



thanks for the laugh.....too funny.....thats what I love about saints.....always somethin happening there... :) :)>>>:)


Frodo locking himself in your van is one of the funniest things I've read in a long time! What an adventurous cat!