Rescue Journal

and the countdown is on....

Carol  ·  Nov. 9, 2009

5 more shifts and then my holidays...last week i was so mentally tired i thought i would crash and burn. this week will be better..i am off the desk and back out in the real world, doing real nursing things just like i am supposed to.

and yes again i have big plans for this last of my 13 days off....the animal charts and that freaking messed up shop. plus a few smaller things..heaters in the water troughs, gravel/sand in the muddy chicken/duck areas....carol must get rid of mud.

shadow has this last week to shake that kennel cough or it is into the vets. prudence goes in on thursday morning for her spay/mammary tumour removal. milly and harvey go for re-testing today. and a couple of the newer skin dogs (doris/archie) are not clearing up as well as they should so i need to think about them too.

and i guess i better check the bank account and the vet balances so i can start freaking out again.
it is always the same old, same old around here so why does each day seem so different?

oh! oh!...i know!

it's because my memory is so fussy, i lose the never changing repetition of the days around here....poop, pee, runs, feed runs...barking, snarking, not enough sleep.....laundry, laundry, laundry, how high are the bills and how low is the money?....and daily now...well picky little guys, now what will we find you to eat?
little mr and felix had homemade chicken and vegie soup for dinner last night...DO NOT tell my friend who kindly cooked for me that i fed the meat and vegie infested soup to those two....they really liked it except felix spit out the carrots.

alrighty then...time to get ready for work and there is still the poking of the diabetics to do too.



Doh ! I did not mean to imply that you should build the shelf... I was hoping the GREAT looking handyman would help us out... I will be picking up the rest of the Kiwi latches for our gates this week-end as well... hint hint.. those gates are so hard & when our fingers are frozen it will be next to impossible.

Boy I'm whinning a lot today...


I really hate to add more to the list of things to do... but a good shelf in the feedroom would be great, we are piling things on top of things & busting up the lids to the feed bins in order to get at the feed... I almost had a mental breakdown on Saturday... Ok I wasn't feeling so great so my fuse was really short.

On a separate note... OMG Milly is beautiful , I peeked in to see her & Shadow ( who did not cough once when I was in there... but I didn't visit long ) and I can't believe the difference in that cat. She was playing with a toy & flip flopping around at the bottom of the scratch post... when I looked at the picture on her door... I could not believe the transformation she has gone through... Yea Milly.. fingers crossed for a negative result on her test.