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Carol  ·  Nov. 11, 2009

jewel is a hag. there are 2 side by side beds in the computer is empty, the other has maude all curled up, fast asleep. jewel climbs up on the one that maude is on and proceeds to snark (combination of snarl and bark) right in her face. maude quickly vacated the space.

it pisses me off when they pick on she has a clue what is going on most of the time. but sadly it is a dog thing...that's what they both get for being born a dog, (if they both live long enough)...cranky pushiness and dazed and confused.
anyway..maude is fine..she climbed up on the shelf above the cat box and now has a softer bed AND a nice pillow for her head...jewel could not get comfortable on the bed she stole so now she is back to wandering around...i guess i better give her her meds early today...she looks sore.

i am thinking percy has... Seasonal Affective Disorder...i think every time i have trouble with him, it is around this time of the year. one of the nurses at work has it...she says eating walnuts helps (high is the omega 3's) does anyone know if it is ok to feed walnuts to cows?
one of the other nurses (who grew up on a dairy farm) said her dad believed the steers and bulls got more dangerous in the late fall because it is universally the wild rutting season. he thought all of the pheranomes of horny moose and deer floated around in the air and affected the mental stability of his cows.

i called and asked the vets, they said they don't know...pushy young steers in their experience get sent for a truck ride. well, that's not going to happen and i am pretty sure that is the same answer i got from them last year.
anyway....apparently there is not alot known about seasonal cow psychology...problem cows just don't last long enough to try to figure out.

well..i better go get felix off my bed...there is nothing more upsetting than leaving it one second too late...if he pees it is is the tiny, blind, deaf, crippled dog suddenly awake and mobile, rolling down the plastic spa stairs that really upsets me.

max, the crazy cattle dog is following sissy around and licking her back...i picked her up and now she is sleeping on my lap and max is staring at her licking his lips....what the heck is that???



Does this happen at a acertain time of day? I've been poking around the internet and found this:
"Cattle have poor depth perception and may balk at
shadows or dark areas. Give them time to adjust to
changing lighting conditions and avoid quick movements." Maybe he can't properly see who is there and is fearful?