Rescue Journal

quick update on shadow...

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2009

i just spoke to the vet..they snapped another xray a couple of hours ago and have managed to get most of the fluid off of her chest. she did start having trouble as soon as they took her out of the oxygen cage so they put her back in again and will try her out again later. i am to call back around noon and see if she can come home then with diuretics and cardiac meds.

and sometime today i have to get out to chilliwack and check out the 4 messed up dogs out there...i know i will be bringing someone home..the question becomes who can stay there a little while longer and who needs help right away.

and the insulin schedule is totally messed up now. dusty and lucky got theirs on time last night but angel and caspar did not get their evenng dose until almost midnight (5 hours late). now i have to figure out how to slowly adjust all of their times to bring them all back to the same evening insulin time...i guess i move each group one hour earlier or later depending until we eventually meet in the middle again.
crises' screw schedule stuff up!



As long as its the names you mix up and not the animals, I say you're doing ok.


how come no one noticed that lucky is not a diabetic? it should have read...dusty and apollo..apparently when i wrote this, i was brain dead.