Rescue Journal

what a day!

Carol  ·  Nov. 14, 2009

shadow is home and true to my word..she has made it over to my bed. she is so HAPPY! she is going around and introducing herself to everyone, glad for the new doggy family. it is like i finally invited her over to the real party, she is just glowing, inside and out. every once in awhile she seeks me out to share a happy face moment. anyway...welcome home shadow...feel well for a very long time and enjoy your new friends.

i did make it out to chilliwack and i did come home with all four dogs. but it wasn't my fault. lily and spot really needed medical help asap and toni and yuki came from the same hoarder as archie so they have been there as long as he has beeen here..what 2 or 3 months already? and i was not leaving his friends (and possible family, cuz yuki looks just like him) there any longer. yuki and toni are very strongly bonded.

all of them took to saints like ducks to water...happy, sweet little wrecked dogs. here is a little about each of them. spot said hello to my bed by lifting his leg on my pillow....oh yay, another peeing saint.

yuki is a maltese, 12 yrs old....bad teeth and i think still needs her spay.
toni is maybe a tibetan spaniel cross or a long haired daxi cross and she is also 12 yrs old...bad teeth and some large incisions with sutures in from recent lumpectomies. i don't think the pounds vet sent them off for pathology but i will phone and check on monday.
lily is a very cute and tiny old shitz with rotten teeth, mammary tumours, and either severe cardiac disease or metastic cancer in her lungs...she coughs alot.

and spot, just broke my heart...he is an elderly JRT. he is blind in both eyes and they both need to come out. but what upset me so badly was how the pound got him..apparently his owners drove into a tim hortons parking lot...shoved him out the door and drove away. the person who brought him in witnessed it.

who the hell does that to an old and blind dog? bastards!

anyway..i may be an utter fool..but i have 5 new happy dogs in my bedroom. we shifted everyone around so reggie and 4lane the difficult ones, got the boot. reggie is now in the computer room and 4lane is in the kitchen.

and i am now looking for a small portable that stands up on little legs (not one the lays flat on the ground) i need it for felix for when i can't watch him cuz i also moved him into my bedroom. i want the laundry area for bosco tomorrow when he arrives because not only is he also blind and deaf but he is aggressive to other animals and humans. so i need that space for a safe place for him.
if anyone knows anyone who would like to get rid of such a playpen please let me know.

i am mentally and emotionally is draining trying to do right so many times over in the past 24 the end of this day, i can honestly say, i did right by all of them. shadow is happy, spot is happy, yuki and toni are both happy, lily is i am happy too.
(reggie and 4lane are not quite so happy...oh well. if they were nicer they could be happy in there too.)



Welcome to Saints Yuki, Spot, Toni and Lily! All sweet, loving, deserving of a chance dogs. They seem to be ecstatically here already! Woot!


oh yes...reggie...ball or toy...small child...tears...not a good match with little ones.


woooohoooo carol! i cant wait to meet the newest additions, and yay for shadow for pulling through! just out of reggie a biter?