Rescue Journal

it was a difficult nights sleep

Carol  ·  Nov. 15, 2009

the new guys (and the old guys) were all pretty good...but there are a lot of different personalities, idiosyncrasies, personal bedtime rituals and routines for the new guys to learn. toni and lily just found themselves empty beds and were content with that.
yuki found herself a primo pillow at the top of my bed and she is a fiesty little thing..ain't no stumbling, hesitantly sniffing blind dog horning in on her space. this is the (dis) advantage to taking in dogs from hoarding situations...they already know the rules of communal living..."my spot...screw off!"

spot is just so cool. he knows damn well that the best spot for a blind, new dog is somewhere in my armpit. and he also knows that when the armpit goes somewhere, try to follow it and if you lose it...just bark, bark, bark til the armpit comes and gets you.

i had to get up in the middle of the night to tell 4lane to quit looking at reggie thru the computer room door. since 4lane is deaf..this means getting up, going into the kitchen, poking my finger in his hip so he turns around and looks at me and can see the angry finger now pointing directly at his nose. "hi!" says 4lane cheerfully.... "oh..... am i supposed to go lay down now?"

thank god spot is not deaf..i collected him up easily from the dog room doors where he was barking cuz for some reason he thought i was out in the back yard at 3 am?

poor little shadow learned the downside of the big party bed.....the last game of the night is....high speed musical sleeping spots velcro'd to the human body. shadow was too slow..she did not understand this new game. but once she figured out that she was on the far side of the bed and it was sleeping time...the bedtime nasties...chica, caspar, yuki, jeremiah and suzy were all between me and her.

being an optimistic cocker, she thought she could just walk over top of everyone and take the last available space...right on top of my chest. well...she pissed everyone off getting there and it took all of 1 minute to decide that it wasn't all that comfortable there anyway so then she had to quickly fly back over top of them again to get back to a softer spot on the bed.

'whew!' said the little coughing cocker..."that was kind of scary!" imagine the fun house at the theme park at night with bodies suddenly leaping up and snarling under your feet as you try to get by.

anyway...she did figure out that the end of the far side of the bed was plenty good enough.

hopefully everyone will get used to everyone's unique weird bedtime ways sooner than later.



long time BYB "breeder" out of control, sounds like possibly some mental health issues under it all.....all the dogs, small, inside the house dogs but absolute filth (the quilt on the bed was a solid pancake of old feces)no one fixed, lots of tumours, rotten teeth, rotting skin issues. many of the dogs elderly and in poor shape..and apparently rumours of puppies in hiding somewhere.

there were only 10 on the bed last left..too many new little dogs for him and 4lane and reggie were out too so their spots were no dozen up there yet.


Welcome to the new ones and Yeah for Shadow for pulling through and moving on up to the big house. Spot I hope you find your place poor little guy I can't imagine what he went through before he found you Carol


Carol Would you mind explaining the hoarding situation? Welcome to the new arrivals.


maybe we should all chip in and buy carol another bed to connect to her bed, i think a twin would fit?

Lori Paul

OK so I need to know for my own imaginitive many bed buddies are there now? Have you made the baker's dozen yet? Good thing it's a kingsize! Welcome to the new arrivals ;)