Rescue Journal

such an unsafe world we live in

Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2009

seriously piss someone off and they will get way or another..upfront or is just human nature.

apparently it is canine nature too.

4lane is not a happy camper in the laundry area. he must of let the toxic waste of his unhappiness build quite high over the past 18 hours. finally all those upset toxins just had to come out. so he pooped and vomitted all over that area...which would have been understandable and certainly forgivable IF he had not taken it far too many steps further by walking thru it over and over.

4lane is deaf...he is not blind, he can damn well see where he just pooped and puked and politely walk around.
i am left with the only conclusion..that he was just so justifiably upset in his own little twisted head that it was perfectly ok to make such a gawd awful mess....
for me to clean up because i was the utter hag who took his innocent self (not the biting little freak scaring the other guys, that the rest of us lived with) and stuck him up behind that little gate.

there are consequences to everything...being an angry little freak and choosing to live with one too.



Yes her resembalance to Levi is probably part of it, but mostly it was when I was cleaning under the cow loafing shed, she was alone out in the yard & came over to the fence & I was watching her out of the corner of my eye & continued cleaning, when she gave a little woof, I ignored her for a second & she went woof again, I turned to her and said " hi Baby did you come to visit" and she turned into a little wiggle bum with a waggy tail... when I went in to visit all them in the house , she rolled over on the bed & showed me her adorable tummy... quick someone else fall in love with her.. I also think think the tiny little white guy ( archie ?) is coming in a close secnd... but hang on Lily is pretty darn cute & sweet too...


Toni bears a similar resemblance to your little slave master! May be the reason why the thunderbolt of love struck you?


The new guys are adorable & somebody better come & fall in love with Toni & adopt her soon!! sometimes a dog just instantly grabs your heart... Toni has had that effect on me . Do we know anymore about any pathology tests or results ?

I know there are photos of these guys out there... can anyone post some... I am the biggest pain in the butt regarding pictures.. you'd think I'd be smart enough to go out & get my own camera... anyone have a reccomendation on a nice affordable digital camera ???