Rescue Journal

we do have the occasional real life fairly tale ending around here (or should i say...fairy tale beginning?)

Carol  ·  Nov. 16, 2009

i got a nice email from river's family was entitled "river's summer vacation" with lots of pictures.
river as i have said before is one of our happy tales...plain jane, old, no name dog, languishing in the pound, definitely a whole bunch of attitude with the other dogs that made him a pain in the ass to have around here.
5 years ago...his final, forever home came for him..and it makes me so happy to know that river will never need rescue (or me) ever again.

nicole is going to post a couple of the photo's so you can meet this very lucky guy. i wish they were all so lucky but i will embrace the happiness for the ones who do actually get the home of their dreams because there is a place for them like saints....maybe we can't help thousands because our guys do take so much...but for the almost 400 we have been there for in the past few years..i think we have done pretty good.

occasionally i see dogs of ours from a distance while doing my nursing travels...i see maggie the dobie cross in kidney failure who the vets gave about six months to live..i see her walking on a leash with her mom..almost 8 years later...she is starting to look pretty old.

i see max, that drop dead gorgeous mahogany retriever cross that was so messed up in his head from about 3 years ago..i see him out walking with his mom..i even occasionally see him in at the vets...he is looking so good.

i saw a dog at the vets not long ago, from about 6 years ago that i recognized instantly but could not remember her name..i only had her for a few weeks before her real home came along....she too is doing great.

so how many of our current guys will eventually find homes? many will spend the rest of their lives here with les and tony?...i just don't know.

what i do know tho is that we have some lovely and healthy cats...cats like winter that just needed an eye out or diablo who just needed a leg off to be healthy and vibrant again. i would like some of our cats and dogs to find some really good homes. oh well, whether they do or not...we need to give them the best life here that we can.

today (and for the rest of the week) colleen's and my job is to get the shop makes the work in caring for the animals around here easier if we can store and actually find stuff for them when we need it. it makes it less awkward and tiresome for us if we can actually get to the stuff we want without braving an impregnable maze.

who'd have thought that an important part of animal rescue was just keeping stuff tidy and organized?

anyway...i skipped lunch so now i am enjoying a treat of baileys and hot tea until 4pm hits and it is time to start putting the barn guys to bed...then i will spend some quailty time with the furry bodies around here.



Sneaky & smart.. ( with a bit of a multiple personality disorder) 4lane is deeper than he lets on... : - )


Wonderful photos of River! He looks elegant and complete and very fine. Well done to everybody involved. Thanks for sending along the news and photos.


I always remember River by his nose.. great dog, obviously great people..great match. thanks for that after a crummy day, this felt great !!!


i do occasionally hear from many of them..i just forget to pass it on...mostly it is just a momentary happy relief that they are now happy and then i get distracted and bogged down back into every day saints life.

as an aside for anyone hungry out there.....i finally tried those shrimp won ton soups from costco that i bought like 2 months ago....omg they are freaking good!!!!

and as another aside that has nothing to do with the orginal post...4lane is making a freaking mess up in the laundry room...he has dumped out his water and food bowls...AND he is mournfully moaning...that little cranky ass beast is making me feel sorry for him!


Happy Tails are awesome. I wish more of our past crew would send updates and pictures for us to smile at. We're glad they found forever homes but we still miss and think about them often. Saints gang have a way of imprinting in your heart forever!