Rescue Journal

quick notes...

Carol  ·  Nov. 19, 2009

4lane ate tonight...yay 4lane!
i do not have to fast spot and lily because spot and lily are not here...they stayed at the vets.
i THOUGHT they came home and were in my bedroom til laura came over to wish them well with their surgery tomorrow...THEN i noticed they were not here.
shit! i thought colleen had left them in the car and thought i got them out after we finished the barn so laura and i are peering in my van windows in the dark to see if they were there. i double checked with colleen and sure enough the clinic just kept them in til their surgeries tomorrow.
i so suck at animal rescue i do not even know where 2 of my newest favorite dogs are!!!! i feel bad...i know how scared they both must be, especially spot, cuz he is very unhappy if he is not plastered up next to me..... AND i can't have my quiet talk with him to explain why we are taking his little blind eyes.
i double suck at rescue...i also sent them off to the vet without telling them that they would soon be home ....they think they have been abandoned again.

BUT...the good news i don't have to remember to fast them...the clinic will fast them both tonight. and if they can't come home tomorrow, i will at least visit them when i take donny in to have his eyes checked (we aren't sucking his out...i think he has entropian and may need surgery to actually fix them....that would be a nice change.)



if the shavings had come yesterday morning like they were supposed to, i wouldn't be so dazed and confused.

that's my excuse and i am sticking with it. (only because i can't think of a better one.)


I told Spot and Lily on the way to the vets that they would be spending the night at a doctors. ( I just assumed they would be since it was so late in the day! ) And that they would be treated like the king and queen they are, and that someone, probably Carol, would pick them up tomorrow and bring them home. No whining, no crying from them at all. I think they understood :))