Rescue Journal

another shitty day in paradise

Carol  ·  Nov. 20, 2009

it started off badly...first thing this morning the lawyers called..they have received notice of a lawsuit launched in supreme court against us regarding jeremiah, the little poodle who's legal ownership is under question. it is not simply a return the is about money for damages too.

and here is the thing...if i truly believe that not only are we the legal owners, but that also it is not in the best interests of jeremiah to send him off to wherever he was at some point before...then i am morally obligated to follow this thru, right to the bitter end.

this will get fees are killers...lawyers can rack up legal bills faster than even i can rack up vet bills. but what is a person to do?...if we do not have a dollar limit on their quality of life for medical we also not have a dollar limit on their legal costs if they are at risk for other harm?

the spca has been dinged badly for use of donated money for legal costs..and i will tell everyone right up front here and now...donated money will go into the cost of keeping jeremiah safe. he is here, he is saints and my responsibility to ensure his rights and needs and best interests are met.

i am not going to do a half assed job here..unload a little problem dog just because that would be the easiest and cheapest thing to do..oh dear jerry, this is how it goes...we help you and stand by you until it becomes too difficult, too much hassle..then sorry little buddy, you are on your own.

is that not how ALL of these animals ended up here in the first place..they were too much of something for someone somewhere so they got dropped along the way?

here we don't drop them...we meet our obligations to them.

anyway...whatever...just another freaking rescue headache for me today.

other news...
lily did well with her surgery...she kept her eye but we will have to watch it carefully. she has a very large cataract that may cause her problems down the road. she had 4 mammary masses removed and they have been sent off for pathology and she had her spay so no one can ever breed and exploit her again. she is not that old...somewhere between 3-5 yrs old..pretty messed up already for such a young little dog.

spot had both of his eyes removed and quite a few abcessed teeth. the vet and the staff have fallen in love with him already...i told you guys he was an incredible little guy (esp. for a JRT.) she tried a new technique so his eye sockets won't sink. she went right to the back of the socket to the skull and pulled a bit of tendon forward to fill in the empty space. the hope is that spot will just look like a normal dog with his eyes forever closed. nicole and i visited him but he was still pretty sleepy.
both he and lily can come home around 1pm tomorrow.

4lane is still eating so that is good. chica has figured out how to get into felix's playpen to steal his food. scrappy horrified nicole when she saw how fat he is getting...hey food is a quality of life issue for is THE most important thing. he sits in front of the food bowl even when he is full just to keep an eye on things.

the shop is is clean, it is organized, it makes sense on where stuff is. there is a HUGE pile of stuff for a dump run..just waiting for steve or randy to finish at janice's with her big sanctuary move so we can get that stuff out of here. i think they are both tied up til the end of the month.

that's the news...i really do have a headache tonight. i am skipping dinner, taking some advil, doing the diabetics and heading off to bed.



Thanks for the clarification, Carol. I think that the fact they are 5 owners ago makes this so much worse. Now they worry?! Now I am speechless (imagine that)!


So these people had No Problem with passing him off, then having him continue to be passed off 3-4 more times - they just don't like that he ended up in a home that "won't" pass him off again? Sheesh. PEOPLE, PLEASE SPAY AND NEUTER YOUR IDIOT CHILDREN BEFORE THEY GROW UP INTO IDIOT ADULTS! (Sorry to paraphrase your request from a later post.)


his original owners didn't sign him over to us..he was with 5 different people before he came to us...the original owners are claiming the 5th people stole him (not persons 2 and 3 and 4)..person 2 admits to giving him to person 3, person 3 admits to giving him to person 4, person 4 admits to giving him to people 5 who admit to signing him over to if there was any theft at all it was person 2 and apparently that person was not accused of theft according to the police who closed the file and said there was no criminal activity surrounding this dog.

typical mess of a life for a poor little dog.

too bad jeremiah can't sue...there would be alot of folks heading for court.

i just hope santa (or god) is watching this soap opera and making his list on who has been naughty and nice...maybe someone will get a free ticket to hell over this.


I can't help right now, but if/when my husband gets a job overseas, I will contribute to Jeremiah's Defense Fund. I former owners like these suck. They look to you for help - taking in their dog - and then when he doesn't die or is better they want him back. Talk about not taking responsibility for one's own actions! When I can help, I will, even if only a dollar or two.