Rescue Journal

soggy day at saints

Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2009

squirt had another seizure is the first i have seen in awhile...we did have a couple of visitors thru which might have stressed him enough to seizure again.
todays visitors were awesome...really, really nice folks who really, really liked the crippled crew and "got" what we do here. i think we have another dedicated volunteer heading our way...that will be really nice for all of us too.

bosco moved over to his new house...he is now living over next to the aviary in the mp room. there is more space to sit with him and for him to move around and it is easier to get him out for a walk without all of the other dogs moving around. laura took him for his first walk first he was pretty scared, but he got the hang of it before too long so i think soon he will enjoy them again. i am giving him to louise during the week as a special project dog...her job will be to spend time with him and get him to the point that he can come into the medical room and bunny room when she is cleaning and just toddle and sniff around. i will also get her to get him out for a couple of walks a day. i have given us one month to bring some interest and happiness into this little dog's life...if we can't get there, then i think it is time to let him rest. we can touch him now and he is not biting, so that is a big step in the right direction. i also want to get some weight on him because he is so very thin and treats galore for little bosco, i want him to get kind of fat.

spots eyes have been bleeding a bit, so i am watching him closely. lily has recovered remarkably well from her surgeries but then she is quite young. toni completely sucks with that cone on her gets in the way of her all the time. i am being tough tho and made her figure out how to get up the stairs to the bed...she just has to stop and think for a minute and thinking is always a very good thing.

well...less than an hour til barn bedtime...i better go spend it with the bed buddies cuz they are kind of needy today.



buttons' sutures leaked for about 4-5 days after his surgery. one eye more than the other, but a little leaking is normal as the swelling comes down.