Rescue Journal

wash or toss

Carol  ·  Nov. 22, 2009

i should tell folks who help look after these guys that we now have 3 bins of use and toss linens. we had way too much linen to store in the shop so we created a use and toss pile. these are mostly quilts much too large for us to wash...they take up on entire machine all by themselves.

and i cannot stand to see cole laying on crappy thin little beds but i also know that due to his incontinence, he makes alot of laundry all by himself.
so the bins are in the closet in the computer room...every day he can have a nice big comfy bed and then it can be tossed and he can have a nice new big comfy bed. we will try to sort thru new donations as soon as they come in and keep his bins well stocked with the big stuff that is too big for us to re-use.

the only linens we need currently that are in short supply are....washable hospital incontinence pads (we used to have stacks of them but they have all disappeared) and thick flat flannel sheets for soaking up muddy feet and to use for large pee pads on the floor and LARGE thick towels and bath sheets..they work pretty good too.

while my mood regarding the rest of the worlds intelligence remains somewhat bleak, here this mornning with these guys, is somewhat ok. i watch these guys trying really hard to figure things out, trying not to cause problems for each other or themselves. with a few obvious exceptions like phoebe, 4lane, and reggie...everyone else really does try to find their special place in this world without stepping on some other guy.

too bad humans can't do that...too bad so many don't care..they want what they want, they take what they can get but never are they satisfied. they just have to keep taking and getting til the moment they die.
i think that is because unlike animals who can find happiness inside.... humans are too busy wanting and needing to even let happiness grow. you have to nuture it, you have to value it, you have to feel it and like it or it just passes you by.

we are the only species with millions of members that suffer from unhappiness on such a global scale and why is that? it is not because we are the only ones who think or are self is because we are physically, emotionally and mentally greedy...we think we are entitled to far more than we have.

it is a shitty way to live...wanting, needing, never full, never enough, we are a race who live in delusions that life was supposed to give to us...animals do not suffer from this.

they just naturally give to live...they adjust, they make do, they bend in the wind..they hunker down and wait out the storms til they can go back out and enjoy the sun.

hah...and we think we are the smart species..we are the dumbest animal on the planet, we are too busy outsmarting/outplaying ourselves and everyone else to even come out of our greedy self induced wanting/needing more pain...what a total waste of a human brain.

we will pretend to fix the breathing problems of pugs by breeding more helpless pug/shitz puppies on our way to the bank to cash our cheque and we will get our warm and puppy fuzzies at the same time too. we will never even consider the pain and heartache we brought into this world.....why should we? thinking about that might bring on more unhappiness inside of us and we have enough of that.

why god does not just shoot us all and try over with a different intelligent species is beyond me...he would do better to make cats bigger and walk on two legs..they would be a better bet than you or me....cats actually know how to be happy,



I totally agree with you. People are so messed up but my dogs (many over the years) have always shown me what is important in life. They have it all figured out and they don't sue each other.

About your pug comment, I have a rescue pug, 6 years old, a breeding mama (before I got her). She is sooo sweet but can hardly breathe when she gets excited. Why do kennel clubs or whomever is responsible for the standards, let this happen? Shame on them. I got her at 6 and nobody even bothered to housetrain her. It took me only few days and no accidents since. Guess she lived in a kennel just having puppies so someone could could make a few bucks. Now she is so happy.

I do like the bumper sticker, "The more people I meet, the more I like my dog".