Rescue Journal

i am running a hot bath...and then doing laundry all night

Carol  ·  Nov. 23, 2009

my plan is to spend the day in bed tomorrow with my head buried beneath the pillows and the bed buddies velcro'd tight to me so the rest of the world can't get near me.
but i need to get the laundry done first,,can't leave that stack for the staff, it is left over from the weekend.

laura called, she had just been over visiting bosco...she brought him up a pork chop. he wolfed it down and was looking for more. she said he wagged his tail too! so apparently bosco will follow in felix's dining footsteps..and soon the grocery bills for those two little dogs is going to be more than my own.

each week i buy felix 7 frozen human microwave freezer is not big enough to hold the same for bosco too. bloody ancient, dying spoiled dogs who want only human food.

2 new incoming from a distant relative of one of our volunteers. snickers is 9 years old and up for euth today. when his senior owners went into a care facility...he went with them too. except he did not like it there, it stressed him out and he began badly biting the old woman. way to go snickers, start chomping on helpless old ladies and get yourself killed....really smooth move.

and charlie is coming, she is a blind feral cat. she is terrified in her current home, the dog is chasing her til she hits walls and doors and now is frozen in her hidey hole. the family has tried everything to get him to stop but he sees that cat and she runs and he just cannot resist that. nice people, wrong home for a sketchy, blind, feral cat. i think sunny and dixie will take care of her...they really like the sketchy ones just like them.

the vets came out and gave the horses their boosters and de-worming meds. everyone looks good, the vet is happy with gideon and czar was a really good boy and didn't freak out at all today.

sheila just called me and said not to worry about losing our insurence..she said if they drop us, it won't matter in getting another carrier as there is no history of payout because we have never actually lost a lawsuit. still finding a new carrier is just more freaking work.

i got 2 emails today on an 8 yr old siamese cat in kidney failure and one email on a 13 yr old cocker...both need new homes if anyone knows anyone, please let me know.

ok...back to wallowing in my pity, that is all of the news at saints for today



Hi Laura, thankyou for your reply, I look forward to meeting all, by the way no stranger to poops and pees etc so if there is anything I can do to help, let me know, will give some hours if you want them while I am there.

see you between 11:00 & 12:00


Marian, I'm one of the tour guides at Saints and I would be glad to show of our crew to you this Saturday between 11-12.

Black Jack's Carol

Hi Carol,

I continue to read your blog regularly. It often makes me sad, not so much for the animals who are fortunate enough to share your space, because I know they are now in good hands, but for you, because I know you are stretched to your emotional, physical and financial limits. Thank you to you and to your volunteers for all that you give so selflessly.

I met Steve on the weekend, and included some pictures of him on my blog. What a versatile and just plain excellent fellow! Perhaps you could pass my blog address on to him.


Hi Carol, we have not met, but I would like to set up a tour for Saturday, tried phoning but mail box is full and your other email contact I cannot do on my computer, part I am computer illiterate. I ask for saturday because with my crappy job that is all I can do. If a visit for hug, cuddles, kisses and slurps cannot be managed, then can I please drop off the flannel, fleece blankets and towels etc on saturday. Everything just freshly washed for all the kidlets, please let me know.


Enjoy your bed day tomorrow. I hope you don't receive any phone calls all the live long day( about anything ), any grief, and NO interruptions on your ONE day *off* of your 13 days off from your paid job.

Put a freakin' curtain/towel up on your door!!

Barn guys will be put to bed...STAY IN YOUR BED with your velcro crew! Don't get up until you have to pee! Enjoy your day Carol!