Rescue Journal

it was a shitty day off

Carol  ·  Nov. 24, 2009

i made an early morning run to our insurers with the court documents. several phone calls later from friends and lawyers and just now a call from a reporter. it appears the original owner contacted the local newspaper to let them know that saints is refusing to return his dog to him, he has started a supreme court lawsuit action and for folks to know that their donations to saints will be going to pay legal fees.

thanks so much for a really nice day.

the tears are back again...these animals are so very good and deserve the best that we can give and i have to somewhere find it inside me to care enough for all of them that i navigate this newest challenge without causing them harm.

i don't know how to do this part of rescue i just know how to live with them and love them despite who they are or where they came from.

and i did tell jeremiah that none of this was his fault.

if i ever do write a book, the title will be "Rescue Totally Sucks"


Chris T

Carol - you need a communications plan around this issue. You also need a
media spokesperson. I am happy to help now that I am out of the hosp and once my white cells have recovered sufficiently.


I am a donor when I have any spare cash, and I fully support my donations going to *whatever* is needed to keep the animals safe and comfortable. It could be food, vet care, staffing, or it could be legal fees. I'm going to put my money where my mouth is and do a paypal donation right now (could take me a few minutes - I always forget my password!!).
I am sure I am not the only outside donor (non-volunteer) who trusts that this is a completely acceptable move, and one that is in the animals' best interest (not just Jeremiah, but others - as it is a principle).
I am wondering if anyone might know of a lawyer willing to do some pro bono work. SAINTS is a great cause, and there might be a lawyer out there who would like to help.


Carol, can you say which newspaper and maybe some of us can help tell the full story?


i don't know hillevi, i am so afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing...and i hate living in fear.

but under my tears and fears, there is a rage building, how dare anyone try to harm one of these dare they try to hurt the home that keeps them warm and dry and pain free and happy, how dare they be treated their whole lives long with less consideration and care than the morning garbage and then used for that last little bit of advantage that can be squeezed out of them just makes me so unbelievably angry.
and maybe that building rage scares me the most of all...i really don't know how to live with alot of anger inside....i do better with the softer side of spending the day with the bed buddies.


Carol, you keep doing right by the SAINTS and your donors will do right by you. If you have a news release and/or position statement that you want people to hear PLEASE let me know. I want to let people here know what is going on. Animals know no borders. The Americats didn't and I hope that people won't now. Please let me know what I can put out there on my own. I am unemployed and have plenty of long distance time on my hands.

How can I help SAINTS?