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this is the official statement i sent to the newspaper.

Carol  ·  Nov. 24, 2009

"The dog Jeremiah was surrendered to SAINTS by the last of half a dozen different homes. We have been able to trace 6 different sets of people that the dog was given away to. He arrived the day after undergoing surgery to remove multiple abcessed teeth and multiple kidney stones, he arrived as a very sick little dog and he had been ill for quite some time, these types of issues do not develop overnight. The $1500 cost of that surgery was paid for by the current surrendering owners, who signed a legal document stating that they were his legal owners. SAINTS mandate is to provide responsible, respectful and compassionate sanctuary care for our senior and special needs animals until possible placement in responsible, respectful, compassionate homes. Our job is not to try to figure out who is telling the truth and who is not in the long sad saga of Jeremiah, that is for the courts to decide. Our job is to protect the rights and best interests of the animals in our care and ensure that they are never at risk again."



Mike said he would be more than happy to offer you (and SAINTS supporters) a story on about this.

Of course regular SAINTS info is more than welcome too!
The bake sale has been posted on our event calendar.

Caroline Archer


we were talking about river..and posted the pics you sent of his summer vacation...that made me so happy to see him so well loved.

river's people

Good statement. Carol, we were lucky enough to bring home an animal from your shelter, and he has been an amazing part of our family. So please don't give up, even when people are really really shitty.


Thank you, Carol. I will think on this and see if I can get some media attention here. I have been a long distance emotional supporter but I will be sending a small donation Friday via PayPal. I only wish it could be more, but $5 is all we can spare right now; and, yes, I know it will be well spent on legal fees.

Just so you know, I am pissed that those people would do this to SAINTS! The law suit is bad enough but then to try the case in the media is nothing but mud slinging. I don't do nice with that!!!

If you can think of anything I can do here to help you please let me know.


Well said Carol.

I will be sending a donation to help keep him safe & loved.