Rescue Journal


Carol  ·  Nov. 25, 2009

these really, really nice people drove up from washington to meet spot today. they said they wanted to sponsor him and help him to get whatever it is that he needs (they have 2 little JRT's, one is blind, of their own) they have been following his story from when he was in animal control so the bond was half way formed before they even met him.
i think their drive home after meeting and spending time with spot would have been pretty interesting..they will have been discussing all the reasons why they can't take him, and then coming up with ideas on how they might make it work. and under it all is going to be this absolute yearning for spot to join their family, they are not going to be able to dislodge spot's real life face and self from their hearts and heads...i totally get how these things sometimes work.

i should feel sorry for them, but i don't....i already decided that spot wants that home. but that's ok, he and i will just wait til they figure out that once they got in their car to drive here this afternoon...their future was forever set in stone....3 lovely JRT'S and 2 very special people make for a wonderful family.

(i might be wrong here..but i bet i ain't)



good lord did it again..i was talking to those folks about potato ed yesterday too!

4 years ago, and we still have him pop into both of our brains within hours of each other.

altho he was a saints legend....
the blind one eyed chain massacre dog. i wonder how he is doing?


Remember Potatoe Ed , he was one of the first dogs adopted that made me truly believe , there is someone for everyone, it is just a matter of waiting for the right people to find them... it is great that the people who came to visit realize that a lot of thought needs to go into bringing a new member home. I thought about bringing Gwen home for for weeks , and at 1st I was worried because Levi & Roxie did not seem to think it was so great...and I could not imagine having to return her... thankfully my 3 amigos, are exactly that..amigos


i think it is not just purebreds tho..there is a honeymoon or a hell period for all of them when they first come in...might be because they do not feel well, might be because they are scared shitless and keep a low profile..might be because for the first time in their lives, they actually feel special or loved so they are so happy, their happiness shines thru...este was a really sweet dog when she first came, so happy to be here and touched and noticed but she had this demonic perpetual puppy inside her that just had to poke her nose into the other guys to get them going..if they played back great, if they got mad she tried to kick their many bra's and panties and garbage can contents did that funny and foolish old lady eat when she finally got into her foster home?
este was probably one of those much too busy dogs who got kicked out into the lonely back yard simply because she was always in trouble for having too much fun doing something.

i did not see that whole side of her til she got to dawn's..perpetual, ancient, happy puppy on the loose.,,,here i saw a big goof with attitude but not the maniac forever puppy inside of her.

i have a pretty good knack at seeing the basis of the true animal inside but not the full animal because we are an unnatural environment in the sense that to a certain extent they have to conform to get along.

chyna is an example of a puredred dog tho...she was so much better of a shar pei here...more likely to be social to those she did not know because she was bombarded by it constantly her forever home..that standoffishness to strangers, that quickness to initially bark and guard of her breed is more prominent..but she is still the same sweet dog to her family that i knew here but her genes for royal shar pei-ness are stronger there than here.

and remember watson..i knew deep down that dog could be dangerous..that is why i isolated him and i would have been very careful if i had ever placed him...but he was so sweet and good with all of us here, i ignored my gut and just kept him separate til he unprovoked jumped and bit someone he didn't know.

and some, like milly..i peg pretty darn accurately right from the start and just hope that i am wrong...

it is actually quite interesting..species vs breed vs personalitiy vs environment vs life history and how it all interplays. seeing the real animal..ignoring or paying attention to what i think i see even when my gut sees something different than what my heart sees...rescue is actually pretty fascinating.


It's different when it comes to purebred dogs though emma. ( imo )

Each one comes with instinctual genetic traits. That is very important when it comes to adopting them out.

Lynne is right while she waits till Spot/Spike ( totally diggin' the name Spike! ) comes out of drugged life. Not that he's drugged out, but his true nature will show itself off of the pain killers etc.

He's very very handsome and sweet as can be, he won't be here for long I suspect.


If I thought too much about how my existing cat(s) were going to react to a new comer I would probably never have adopted more. Too much thinking can give me many reasons not to do something. It makes me lean more towards to cons. Most of my cats would never have made it through the door if I had not looked beyond the initial " but what about this" or "what if that". Yes be sensible but don't miss out on an opportunity to open your home and heart.


because all of them here could do so very much better...same kind of loving, same kind of committment and alot less competition. we do our best...but most would be happier with one on one, one on two, two on four... than the reality of one on 100 something AND a fulltime job. it is just simple math. i love them all enough to want the best there possibly is for them and then some.
most of them will never get a home so we have to do the best that we can for them here...for the ones that do find that home...our work is done..more room here to help someone else in need and the knowledge that they will never, ever need us again.
this is the way it is supposed to go in regular rescue...unfortunately we do senior and special needs rescue so it mostly doesn't go this way for them.
there are almost 200 chimes in the garden for those who's final home was here....BUT..a really great home of their own is still and always will be the ultimate dream.


Why don't you think SAINTS is the right home for Spot? He clearly loves you and is comfortable there with your brood...


I don't know whether it's because I'm *stoned* on Benadryl and feel like death warmed over, but this post about Spot made me tear up. That sweet boy has been through so much...he so deserves a family. Good luck Spot!

And boy oh boy do Reggie and Donny ever look wonderful with their haircuts! My gawd does Reggie ever look like a different boy!


what is meant to be for spot will is the one thing i have full confidence in....i just wish i was the home that he really needs...but i am not (i will keep him as close as he wants tho til he finds the right one for him)


Those "sweet little babes" are quite big now. CJ (James the black and white one)) is huge and has the potential to be overweight, he is more standoffish and nervous than Mickey (Mikey the ginger tabby and white). I just wrestled with them and cut their claws! I pick them up and they squirm but I always get a cuddle in and tell them how lucky they are. I call them my little SAINTS babies but they're not little anymore and they're not mine either! I'll try and remember to send photos.


For the most part, Carol, your blog was “Spot” on.
:-) We spent most of the drive (and the evening) going over the plusses and challenges of adopting Spot (aka Spike…but that’s another story). There’s no doubt we fell in love with him. He is such a sweet little dog and we want to make sure that he would have everything he needs in life including special people who understand and love the Jack Russell Terrier, for all of their “terrier-ness.”

Spot needs to get out of his sutures (and pain from glaucoma and surgery) and into his own skin. What you experience when he gets to that point will be really important for us to learn.

We’re not too worried about how Spot will react to our home but we are a little concerned about how our JRTs may react to someone new, permanently invading their little world…after all, for 10 years, they’ve known nothing but this life with each other and us.

We want to help you help Spot find the best environment and special home whether ours or another unique place…Spot needs a warm, loving, caring environment where he can bond and be truly happy with the people and other animals who take him in.

We are so impressed with the dedication and commitment to the loving care you and your staff provide to so many different animals. You can count on our support on many fronts in the future to help you, in our way, further your mission.

We will stay in touch and are looking forward to hearing about Spot's progress.


Sounds like you read that situation just right...Spot just needs to be patient and when the time is right I bet they'll be back.


You're not stupid are you Carol?!! Your post made me laugh. I felt the same way when I bought Lynn Mallett to look at Serenas kittens! She took two! (I'm actually looking after them this week).