Rescue Journal

bosco is definitely getting perkier

Carol  ·  Nov. 26, 2009

good pain meds, interesting food, stimulating stuff going on not only with him, but around him, is giving him a new lease on life. yay bosco, yay laura and louise! special little hopeless project dogs are well worth our time and effort! today, i swear to god..that dog actually looks happy!

always a risk, always a gamble but it really looks like bosco's new chance at life is paying off big time for him.

anyone who knows lowkey...the dog from across the street..knows he really is a great dog. he stayed with us for a couple of weeks over christmas a couple of years ago. his family works fulltime and lowkey is alone alot..his seperation anxiety is getting worse and they are hoping to find him a great, more suited to him home.
lowkey is a youngish adult dog...i would guess around 4 or so. he looks like a basenji/pitty cross...great with people, great with dogs and cats, a little bit destructive when left at home alone and a bit of a wanderer too. i remember him loving sleeping on my bed and being a bit of a bed hog but he shared well the space with the others so that was ok.

if anyone knows anyone who would love a new great friend..lowkey is a great dog looking for a great new friend too.



i always thought he was some sort of Akita cross, he is a nice boy & i hope he finds what he needs.