Rescue Journal

slept in...

Carol  ·  Nov. 30, 2009

today is the first afternoon shift i will have worked with the new start and stop times..130-10 pm..this personally sucks for me and the animals. oh well when the bosses say you work at this time, you work at this time..they own the job.

spot rolled off the bed last night..i was waiting for him to come back up but he didn't. he had a drink and a snack and went outside to pee and by the time he was done, i was back asleep again so i didn't see where he went.
he climbed up on a karunda bed instead of back up on the bed with me and when i woke up this morning, spot, daffy duck and angel were all curled up and snuggling together in a very cute sleeping dog puzzle, hard to see where one started and the other ended.....awwwwwww...again.

felix is starting to worry me...he is having frequent, brief periods of gastric upset which he finds distressing and uncomfortable. i will try him with some gastric meds but i am not poking around on him and vetting him to death looking any further. this is the thing with dogs hanging by a could be the really little things that kick them over the edge. sometimes the diagnostics required to know the full picture are just not worth the trauma they cause right before the inevitable end.

wellllll... guess i better move my ass, there is stuff that needs doing altho would love to just sit here and chat.



copper is not very happy with his pills and his new diet he said what is that all there is but ate it anyway. we hope to soon get a new and trimmer copper maybe not a happier copper but a healthier one. he is one pissed little dog.