Rescue Journal

afternoon shifts and the new start/finish times and rules surrounding them...SUCK.

Carol  ·  Dec. 1, 2009

i am exhausted was after midnight before i fnished with the diabetic and cardiac meds and hit the bed and after 2 pm til they all settled and relaxed.. the bed buddies were frantic...especially the three cockers. all three were stuck to me like dare i mess around with their little crippled cardiac cocker routines?
sorry guys, not my fault...speak to my boss.

one more of these stupid, mind numbing, bored out of my gourd, shifts, then a few days off.

i took spot's cone off last nght...he just about slit my throat with his desperate "you are home!" routine...he did not like me being gone during the evening either. i decided showing up at work today wth a suspicious giant sized paper cut like thing across my entire throat would take too much explaining...and i am too tired for that today....i would just tell them how stupid the new shift is and look like i wasn't a team player..just a crazy uncooperative person pissed off because the 10 pm stop time upsets my animals routines.

sigh..suck it up buttercups....we really need the paycheque.

i have no cute or funny stories to tell, its too early, we are all too tired to do cute or funny yet.



The crew sure love to guilt you. I was up there last night for over an hour checking on and visiting everyone....I know it's not the same as mom...but they aren't that hard done by as they want you to believe. I will go up again tonight for some cuddle time.