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Nicole  ·  Dec. 1, 2009

here are the new guys photos.
in my defense i took so long (only 2 days since I had photos of them) because I was working and had to type a crap load of addresses in to the SAINTS mailing list for the christmas newsletter. so i'm not sitting around keeping them from you.
ps. mo what are you complaining about - you saw all the new guys on the weekend, you know what they look like! Hillevi can complain because she lives so far away.







Mauro Salles

OMG !!! This is a late comment ... On December 2, 2009 5:55 pm, please consider "Post another photos" instead of "Send me another protos". I don´t know what "protos" are and I can download the pictures (my collection !). Please, forgive me. Someday my English will kill me. LOL.

Mauro Salles

Thanks from a foreigner FAN, miles away from you. These "animals" are the REAL most precious things. Send me another protos ... I try my best for the "local" animals. Thanks, God, they didn´t not know what is "local" ...


cat pages are in progress. just waiting for carol...
go appreciate the dog pages for a while and give me time!


Requests for Photos... Hmmmmm.. careful what you ask for Lol. I was actually looking in our cats album for her pic (sorry)I want to forward a photo of her on toi a possible home .

Carol - can you remind me about Lilly age ? health issues etc etc... want to forward her info on to someone as well.


mo, now you are getting lazy!
there are 9 pictures of millie in the last photo album.
i don't have any new ones of her looking all clean like a normal white cat, but will get some when i'm out next for you.

Any other requests for photos?


It was truly a warm pleasure meeting all the beautiful and special kidlets, big and small at Saints. The staff and volunteers as busy as they were, took time to show me around and showed me just how much they care.

I would like to know more about fitting in some of my time there.


Thank you, Nicole. They are beautiful! Poor Lily - I hope in time that she will see that the camera is not so bad - think it could be the flash?

PS: Didn't want to sound like a complainer - just wanted to give you a hard time. I know that you are very busy Nicole.


Thanks Nic... I know I saw them on the week-end, however I am a " share the wealth " kind of person & I want everyone to enjoy them... plus now when I need a pick-me-up moment here at work... I can come & get it. What a group of sweeties

Ummm do you have a pic of Millie ?


ALL the new guys are soooo much happier than they look! I cannot believe Toni *the Doris/Max sound alike barker*, Yuki *I am overjoyed to see you*, Lily *I love EVERYONE*, and Spot *hug me/love me* don't look more joyful! Did you have a pox on your camera that day Nicole?


Thank you for posting all of these! We, of course, love the picture of Spot...but they are all adorable! Yuki cuddled up to me last week...just wanted to snuggle up against my hip. Boscoe caught our attention when we first arrived. He looks better in the picture above than he did just a few days ago. We hope he continues to do well! Thank you for believing in Boscoe... -Lynne & Scott


They are all beautiful. Welcome little ones, feel safe and absorb the love !!!!!!!


are they not just the cutest little things????

notice how terrified lily looked..this is not because she is at saints...she likes it is because that poor little dog is terrified of cameras..nicole only snapped one pic of her because it scared her so badly, she went and hid in the hooded kitty litter box..poor babe probably won't be subjected to too many saints blog photo shoots..don't want to upset her that much again.
thx are a good sport!