Rescue Journal

a truly horrid night

Carol  ·  Dec. 2, 2009

i could not fall asleep...a consequence of working late for me. i need wind down time. the last time i remember looking at the clock and sighing was 3 am. by 4 am i was wide awake and running..caspar was going little guy that he is, he decided to wobble around on my head before he passed out so i was aware that he was in trouble.
i had given them little caesars with their insulin last night, apparently it was not enough to keep his blood sugars from diving. it was 6 am before i quit worryng about him and went to sleep for another hour and a half until i had to get up because i have to feed and set loose the barn guys today.

and now i am kicking myself...why did i tell the staff they could start at 9 am instead of 8 am when it means i have to drag my ass outside and carry heavy hay around when i am beyond exhausted?
because i am stupid, that's why.

and i already know that certain barkng dogs are going to really bug me today...i see a bad mood, la, la, la la..guess what song am singing in my head today? i am changing the lyrics to suit my grumpiness....
always a bad sign.



Bella is doing really well,she is just enjoying life and eating well, we love her so much.

Took her to Kelowna 2 wks ago to have dental surgery, as my vet there thought her teeth might have something to do with her being so hard to regulate. she had a reaction to the preop (torbutrol), and we nearly lost her. So no surgery for her, ever. Sure had the whole clinic in an uproar for a bit. All is well now, thank God.

I will be taking the new "Christmas herd" pics soon, and will send some off to you.

Pug hugs, Joan


thx for thinking of us with this but we have never used caninsulin.. never have liked it and always switch incoming diabetics to humulin personal insulin of choice...not a huge fan of lantus either altho the vets love it.
and how is little pugsy bella doing anyhow??? is she managing her liver issues ok now?


Yes, the caninsulin and vetsulin are pretty much off the market right now.

|We have put Bella (Pugsy) on Humulin, and she is doing much better on it. Night and day actaully.

Joan H.


Carol, you've probably already seen this, but on Brindleweb/White Noise "Insulin Warning", there is a copy of a news release about possible problems with Caninsulin. (If that is what you are using for Caspar.)