Rescue Journal

spot has gone to seattle for the week.

Carol  ·  Dec. 4, 2009

he is out on his trial to see how the other dogs accept a new blind dog within their midst. sigh..i really miss him!

we did a couple of tours today...nice folks!
i worked for a bit on the charts, but not enough.
it is freaking cold up here tonight.
and cole desperately needs a bath and i don't feel like torturing him tonight. he is already fussing cuz he knows exactly what i am thinking.
i am going to work away on my laundry and hang out with the bed buddies tonight cuz i virtually ignored them for most of the day.
all of the recent surgical dogs had the last of their sutures out no more cones, no more being held back from field runs..everyone is free this weekend to go where ever they want.

i did check the vet balance while i was in hill n dale today...shit, we owe them over $8000.00 for all of the recent surgeries and things...ouch....that means between all of the vets, we must owe a total again of around 15 grand.

shit, why can't old animals not be so expensively wrecked when they arrive here????


Chris T

A not for profit I know of has started a 15 days to raise 15 K plan. You may want to consider starting it December 10 up until Christmas. We could take pledges by email, we could sell gift certificates for that perfect gift for an animal lover etc. With facebook and the blog it could get done!