Rescue Journal

making my list and checking it twice...

Carol  ·  Dec. 5, 2009

i have already decided which dogs may come to the xmas party tomorrow...i am limited by numbers here because they can't all come. so i chose the ones that were least likely to cause trouble, who would enjoy it the most and who are most likely to pass away before another xmas ever comes along.

so our guests will be:

the 3 cockers...daphne, donny and shadow.
cole and maudie and rose.
molly and felix.

8 is more than enough for that space so the others will have to wait for us to come over to visit them during the party in the house.

i will need help with ladder climbing tomorrow for tables and chairs and set up if anyone is available...all the volunteers here will be busy getting the basics for the animals done.



Hmmm, that didn't sound right! I can help starting at 8 till Frankie gets here which would be about 10.