Rescue Journal

i got up early so i could get some extra working time in...

Carol  ·  Dec. 6, 2009

my plan is....maybe get a good part of the house done up, the barn guys fed and out before the volunteers arrive this morning and then move over to the mp building to get that all cleaned and set up before the party at 1 pm.

i am not doing xmas decorations this year tho folks...honestly...that is a nice to do around here but just makes more work before and after xmas...don't need any extra work around here esp. with my upcoming work schedule..5 on 2 off and then 10 straight shifts from the is so going to suck. xmas is going to be one huge high speed blur...but i will make some extra money, which we need.

i had an update on spot...he is doing well..some issues with the other dogs accepting him..this is the problem with blind dogs, they don't move normally and other dogs do not like this very much. body language is the key to everything for them...a dog who moves wrong, freaks them out because he sends messed up signals.

but the week is early, still time to see how everyone adjusts as they get used to him.

okey point in getting up at 530 on a day off to do extra things and then sit here wasting the extra time on the computer drinking tea...gotta get moving.

hope to see you today!



You know Carol I had the same issue with my guys accepting Spirit. He's blind, deaf and a has a couple cognitive challenges as well. He's been with us since May and the male dogs are just accepting him now, but I still won't leave them togther unsupervised. I've never had this happen before and I wasn't prepared but finally things seem to be settling down. It has taken a whole of creativity and patience on my part and the dogs part as well.