Rescue Journal

nothing like tears first thing in the takes over seattle.....not bad for a little dog tossed out of a car like an empty cardboard coffee cup.

Carol  ·  Dec. 8, 2009

Hi Carol,

Spot continues to work his way into our hearts…and the hearts of others. Spot had a drop-off appt at the cardiologist this morning. They called me to say he was ready to be picked up and I missed the call. When I called back, I said “I’m calling about Spot” and the receptionist said “Awwww…Spot….” When I arrived at SVS, there were three people at the front desk. When I said “I’m here to pick up Spot”, they all simultaneously said “Awwwww….Spot...." Then the doctor came to talk to me and asked me about Spot’s story. The cardiologist has also fallen in love with him and told me that if things don’t work out with Maxx and Sophie, she wants to know as she would like to adopt Spot herself—she is quite serious about this (her husband is a veterinary ophthalmologist). He is such a sweet dog…

Sophie and Maxx continue to evolve. This morning we had quite a bit of direct interaction without any issues (growling or avoidance). I hoped we had turned a corner, but after I brought him home this afternoon, some growling and avoidance started again. Perhaps they thought the “visitor” had finally left.

Spot’s appointment was as expected. I have an evaluation that has a lot of info I don’t understand but Dr. MacLean said that Spot’s heart disease is on the mild side of moderate. Without any reference points it’s difficult to tell how quickly the disease will progress. She also gave us a good idea of what dealing with his issues could mean for us over time.

Spot is a wonderful dog and we are loving every bit of him…Attached is Spot enjoying the sheep skin on our sofa. He is snoring on the sheep skin right next to me now…



hi was literally tossed out of a vehicle at tim hortons parking lot in chilliwack..he was fully blind. whoever witnessed his abandonment grabbed him and took him to the pound. after his obligatory holding period, spot was transferred to us. his blindness was caused by glaucoma and was irreversible..the pressure from the glaucoma was causing him severe knife like pain in his eyes so on the advice of our vets, we had both of his useless but painful eyes removed.
the family that has him on trial in seattle saw his story on the web while he was still in animal control..they called the pound to offer to help him with sponsorship so he could get his much needed surgery..the pound referred them on to us. we already had done the surgery but they still made the long trip up to meet him and fell in love.
they came back a week later after his sutures were out and took him home on a trial to see how their other dogs cope with living with a blind dog.
that is his story so far....whatever the outcome of the trial..the best of life for spot is heading directly for him.
EVERYONE who meets him, falls instantly in love.


Another happy, forever home in a town that is clamoring for Spot's attention!


This is so cool, he so deserves the love he is getting. Is Spots story in the blog previously? If not can you fill me in?


Someone needs to write down really clear & easy instructions for Carol so she can post pics on her own... How long before we can see Spot on the sheepskin ?? Plus then I can take those instructions & figure it out as well.

What a great Post to read , how wonderful for Spot. Those who dumped him had absolutley no idea what a treasure he is


Gosh Carol, you've made me cry this morning. Wishing Spot a wonderful life!


Spot has finally found the life he deserves with your help Carol. Very nice indeed!!