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SAINTS Fundraiser - Pictures with SANTA in Abbotsford

Sheila  ·  Dec. 8, 2009

Pictures with Santa!
Bark & Fitz 103-2649 Trethewey Street, Abbotsford (604) 746-2275?
Saturday, December 19th
Pictures will be emailed free of charge or bring your own camera – we only ask that you give a donation to S.A.I.N.T.S.
Free “barkery” treat for all the dogs!

Colleen Craitor - the owner of this very upscale pet supply store in Abbotsford - gave me a donation for the Sept Fundraiser. She emailed me the other day because she has arranged to do her first fundraiser and has choosen SAINTS. I don't know how to upload her poster but all the information needed is above.




oops! I thought it was a mention for next Sept.!

I'll be taking Henry and Ticket to get their photos with Santa....not Watcher though, I'm thinkin' Santa will be toooo scary for him!


the sept fundraiser was the silent auction.
sheila, i'll put the poster up tonight.