Rescue Journal

a few updates

Carol  ·  Dec. 9, 2009

daphne and shadow saw the vet regarding their escalating cardiac disease...a slight increase in their lasix frequency and they are both feeling better.
donny had a needle aspiration on the mass under his jaw. the vet sent it off for pathology. he is getting quite thin..i am worried about him.
snickers will come home from the vets today. he does have mouth ulcers and will be moved over to the medical room for sc fluids and force feedings until he is better and can eat on his own again. he could have come home last night, but after bosco's loss the vet said he could stay overnight and they would paint his sores with iodine again for us in the morning.....cats don't like this very much. we always have had a few chronic URI carriers here, they get euthanized in the, stressed cats are always at risk in the first few weeks of coming here. it is a reality of shelter living here at saints for senior cats coming in with poor or non existant histories of adequate vaccinations. the trick is to be on it immediately with supportive therapy before they become too ill.
cats really are quite fragile little things when their worlds turn upside down, they need their caregivers to be on top of things until they can get their feet under themselves again and not feel so scared and lost..

ok..time to get ready for work.



he will be fine, he will get over the virus and he is making the emotional adjustment better than i thought..he wasn't happy where he came from anyway. so don't beat yourself up...for him a temporary sore mouth is better than dead..and he was my wake up call...he and charlie are the last ones to get in here for quite a long time.