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did you know that i am a liar?

Carol  ·  Dec. 11, 2009

well apparently, i am. one of the guys previous owners from 3 homes ago sent me an email today...i am telling lies when i say he came in covered in rotting skin sores and emaciated. i am lying because that home says they loved him and took good care of him and they sent pictures of him to prove it.
i must make this shit up because i have nothing better to do.

i sent a pissy email back. don't call me a liar and try to erase what he suffered thru.

this is how i see it....

get an animal, get rid of an animal, and god help the animal.....cuz who knows what is going to happen to him next.
life is a risk.

but do not send me an email and call me a liar just because i am the one that fixed up all of his life's previous mistakes.

i was in a fairly cheerful mood, now i am just pissed right off again...too bad he is now living with a liar..i wonder if he minds very much? i doubt it..if this is lying, he must like it better than other people's truths.

i am sorry but some things in rescue are beyond stupid.



Great column article & picture of Zoe in the Vancouver Sun today:

Congratulations Zoe & Nicole!


Don't stay mad Carol, don't let someone else ruin your day. Check your emails I sent you a funny Christmas story - that will make you laugh. Who gives a rats ass what that twit said, the important thing is the animal is safe and happy now.


f**k him. Don't carry that weight of crap in your mind. It's way too heavy. His twisted truth is a freaking lie. Deep inside he knows it is a lie. And E V E R Y O N E else knows it too.

Tonight I watched, for the 4th time, on purpose, a documentary on Nelson Mandela. It gives me strength, it sends a message of never ever ever giving up.

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