Rescue Journal

happy friday!

 ·  Dec. 11, 2009


Francesca Wilson

Nicole, These pictures brighten the day, the week, any time. You must love having these dear dogs.


nope, don't bring her out as she doesn't love other dogs. has a tendency to do drive by neck chewing with other dogs(shrek and fiona don't mind).
she is lovely and ridiculous all rolled up in one.


She really does look sweet! Do you ever bring her here Nicole? I'd love to meet her. Old (er ) pitties always have such a distinguish look.


she is probably wondering why she has to wear the lobster suit and why she can't play with the camera instead.


she doesn't look embarassed, she looks inquisitive. she's wondering what is in my hand that is waving above the camera.


she looks embarassed because she was just caught dressing up like a lobster...pitbull abuse!


how cute, but why is it always carly that looks embarassed. they are so cute you must have a ball with them.