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saints and zoe in the Sun

Nicole  ·  Dec. 12, 2009

yay for Zoe, i got credit even though i didn't do any organizing, but amy and i did man the door and froze our asses off.

Malcolm Parry, Vancouver Sun, Dec 12, 2009
BEST FRIENDS INDEED: A million smackers is tough to raise. But $1,000 can be challenging, too. It was Thursday, when close to 20 young artists performed for a same-aged audience to benefit the Missionbased Senior Animals In Need Today Society (SAINTS). The 26th-off-Main Little Mountain Gallery's mini-theatre was cold as charity when Jody Glenham and Laura Smith opened a concert titled It Came Upon The Midnight Clear. But air and mood were toasty when entertainers and audience ended by singing So This Is Christmas.

Christmas is coming, too, for the dogs, cats and other animals that a SAINTS brochure ( "have lost their homes through no fault of their own ... It is our last gift to them to allow them to leave this world in peace and free from fear."

Zoe Peled and Nicole McClelland organized the event. "I thought it was going to be upsetting," 24-year-old Peled said of becoming involved with SAINTS as an Emily Carr University student. "It is still upsetting. But the most caring people possible are keeping the animals as comfortable and as happy as they can. Some of them may not have had that for a while. But that's what they need the most, and I think that's all they want."

Such a simple need. And though the youngsters raised a tiny fraction of what the downtown galagoers do, no one could say their hearts were any less in it.



So eloquent! Too bad I had to work and couldn't make it. Kudos to scoring the vancouver sun coverage.