Rescue Journal

everyone was out of here early today because of the snow.

Carol  ·  Dec. 13, 2009

so it was a very quiet afternoon...the dogs and i watched "the cove"...i cried...not just because of the slaughter of those incredible creatures...i think they are magical, and soon we will wipe out all of the magic on this planet. but for the man who is trying to undo what he did 30 years ago.

i don't think what is happening now is his fault because of flipper...but it goes to show how we can change from being one unintentional user and abuser into someone who is determined to be on the right side of change.
i think he also is an incredible man...people who learn and grow past themselves become our real hero's.

anyway..i had no idea what the dolphins were subjected to by our insane human world. what kind of monsterous species are we to be ashamed of being human?



My husband and I saw "The Cove" in a theatre downtown. I remember crying for the guy too. That last scene (with the tv) got me the most, for some reason.

Carol, you should see "Sharkwater", if you don't mind crying again.


I can't believe I split so quickly i messed up my chance to have a home-made take home dinner from KO's hubby, I remembered just as I was almost out of Mission & was waaaay to much of a weenie driver in the snow to turn around & go back. It's amazing what a couple of 360 turns on black ice & introducing your passenger door to a hydro pole will do to kill your confidence


Yeah, I've seen clips of this slaughter on YouTube before... don't think I'll be watching the movie... too difficult to watch.