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happy 5 year anniversary to Carol and SAINTS

Nicole  ·  Dec. 14, 2009

Five years ago today, SAINTS officially became a charity.

381 senior and special needs animals would have never had a second chance at life had Carol not made the life altering choice to start SAINTS.

Animals like:
Gyp: such a crazy cocker

Potato Ed: the chainsaw dog

Tiny little Pippa, would have never got to be spoiled by Johanna

Luke, would have never got to bump his head around Sheila and Leila's house

I never would have been spoiled by getting to share a wee bit of my life with Oz:

Sandy: wouldn't have gotten to be the most spoiled dog to ever enter my parents house

Honey, who i still miss incredibly:

I won't post pics of all my quys from SAINTS but, Ozzie, Honey, Wesley, Sandy, Carley, Millie, Thorny, Shrek and Fiona were very happy to have landed at SAINTS.

mable mae wouldn't have gotten to eat large chunks of meat at Chris and Deb's

All the volunteers wouldn't have the pleasure of sharing 16 amazing months with Dexter

or the roller coaster ride that was spritely life with her leg, or the adventure of living with calves who very quickly turn in to 1000lb cows. or learning about caring for Felv + cats. or blind dogs. or crazy dogs (that's a shout out to phoebe for you Tammy).

or this face:

could you imagine not ever getting to see oka, the dog who had to eat every 2-3 hours because of his pancreatic cancer, try to eat a tree, it's an image I'll cherish forever.

the queen of the mp room would have gotten to rule over a room with a never ending supply of treat:

Without SAINTS and Trina at CAC, Dusty wouldn't have become with big-boned-ed diabetic peeing machine that she is today:

And let's not even think where Emily, Joy and Percy would have ended up:

The original peeing machine:

and moses, bill, cole, jazz where would they have gone.

Thank you for starting SAINTS and for all of SAINTS' supporters for making it possible.

Edited to add this photo: I had finished this post and walked over to sit down and saw Carley and Fiona, fast asleep. I had to take the photo 5 times because it kept being blurry because i was giggling at the sight of these two:

edited to add another photo, updates from James and Mikey:
remember and
without SAINTS, they wouldn't have gotten the chance to be placed happily together in one home:



Give Nudge a big hi from me. Great cat, very sweet. I'm glad the perfect home was found for her.
I've had a few large cats and that just means there is more of them to love.


Congrads! Made me smile to see all those familiar faces, some I met and others got to know thru the blog...what a legacy..


Whoo hoo pics ... you know I love them & seeing some of those guys again... exspecially Dexter, makes me smile, they all have their own special gifts to bring to us and without SAINTS we'd never had had the chance to learn & love with them.

Time flys when you are living life


James (now Casey) is slightly overweight already and has the potential to be huge! Speaking of huge, Nudge says Hi to Tammy (Nudge is huge not Tammy!)


James and Mikey look terrific. It's great they were able to stay together.


Congratulations Carol! I have the perfect way for you to celebrate your 5th anniversary! Look for an email from Dogs Deserve Better up North!


Congrats to S.A.I.N.T.S.!! 5 years of amazing work. and probably even more amazing stories. way to go!


the babes look great, they grew into beautiful cats!!!!they had a double death sentence on them...THE worst and most stubborn case of ringworm i have ever had to deal with AND a mom who's first test was positive for FeLV (the next 3 tests were negative thank god!)
rescue lesson 453...never assume a positive is for sure a might be a negative if you wait a few weeks.


Happy Anniversary Saints, and thanks Carol for being the kind of human you are!


Awwww... I smile at the memories of my friends like Oka and Jesse, such cool dogs. I also thank you Carol on behalf of my Saints crew ...Murph Man(who is the best dog ever), Lady(fastest air licker in the west) and Banjo(cutest girl ever). It's amazing how one individuals dream can affect so many animals & humans. So Happy Anniversary Carol and THANKS!


Happy Anniversary, SAINTS! I thank God for all of the wonderful things you have done over the years and for all of the new lives you have given to so many animals.

Nicole, that last photo is too funny!


Without SAINTS my home would not have Nudge and Jenny Two. Both cats were up to be euth'd by their vets but luckily made it home to me via SAINTS. Thank you Carol for the love I get from them and the hole in my wallet from keeping Nudge "plump"!
PS That last photo was hilarious


Thanks Nicole for those awsome pictures, its so nice to remember our beloved animals. The last picture is so funny!


Thanks Nicole and happy anniversary Carol. So nice to see these SAINTS again.


Lovely lovely lovely lovely pictures!
Happy Anniversary to everybody!
Too many faces that aren't here anymore...happy and sad.


The pictures are great Nicole, thanks, and a great big thanks to Carol for making the dream come true for all the animals. Phoebe and the gang would never have known how good life should be for them if it wasn't for Carol. I never would have had Polly, Sam (the cat formerly known as Spunk) and Ginger in my life. I would have missed out on Sam's hugs and kisses when he is in a cuddly mood.


that last picture is hilarious!!! saints dogs are such dork-heads.
thx nicole...this made me many wonderful old lucky to had the true pleasure to love them all.


GREAT collection of smiling dogs. Thanks for posting them.

Happy Anniversary, Carol!