Rescue Journal

and this bitch says...

Carol  ·  Dec. 17, 2009

i just got a new keyboard and it better fix the freaking crazy mmmmmm thing!!! (you have no idea how difficult posting has been.)

cole ate this morning...he did not eat anything yesterday. he is starting to freak us out now..this wanna be wild mushball dog has been with us from almost the very beginning....cole is the epitomy of saints...everything that could possibly make a dog unadoptable wrapped up in one totally wrecked and completely loved old body.

don't you dare break our hearts cole!!!!!

i was mean today (not a bitch...but cold hearted and mean) i decided that tu was not going to get much time to grieve...nor much time to get used to being alone either. we moved o'grady and lincoln out of their pen and into rudy's and tu's..and we moved tu and thumper into o'grady's and lincoln's. thumper has been alone too long. so i stuck them both together in an unfamiliar pen and told them to figure it all out far they are doing really well. we will see if my meaness pays off for them both.

my back is better...still stiff and sore but no drugs today so progress is being made.

lily went off to a trial foster home yesterday. hoping it all works out well.
it is time to end spot's trial has his final and forever home...yay spot! (this bitch feels like crying i don't have you)



I'm glad Thumper and Tu are getting along. O'Grady is certainly pissed about being kicked out of his pen, even if it is only temporarily. If rabbit looks could kill. Lincoln is doing his best to get them back where they belong.


I just thought you had pms year Anyways it always irritates the hell out of me when a woman who has an opinion and speaks her mind is classified as a "bitch" instead of what she really is a strong and assertive woman! So you go girl the rest of us "bitches" are right behind you!!
Yah, Spot from dumped to "Spoiled in Seattle" and I so hope Lily does well she is a sweety that needs more individual attention like a little princess.