Rescue Journal

it is becoming a this time of the year i write an xmas carol for one of our saints to immortalize them

Carol  ·  Dec. 18, 2009

it is always the same tune...rudolf the red nosed reindeer.
in 2007 it was "carly the rednosed pitbull"
in 2008 it was "percy the great big rein-steer"
and for 2009, it incontinence christmas carol

"molly the hairless dear dog"

molly the hairless dear dog
was a funny kind of dog
and if you ever saw her
you would say
geez, she's odd.

all of the other dear dogs
used to laugh and call her names
they never let dear molly
join in any dear dog games.

then one foggy christmas eve
santa came to say
molly with your weird skin plight
won't you poop a mile tonight.

then all the dear dogs loved her
as they wandered by to pee
molly the hairless odd dog
you will poop in history!



oh my god i needed a good laugh. what fun. could you also reblog the other 2 so we could emjoy them. but i guess you do not have them anynore. we could start a little christmas book. lol