Rescue Journal

oreo's and milk for dinner tonight

Carol  ·  Dec. 19, 2009

and i am damn lucky to have them too! i was going to go to the grocery store but by the time i finished with the vet med run, it was after 4 pm and i was late for the barn guys i stopped at the corner store instead (they have nothing healthy and i HAD to get milk and the oreo's do go well with milk)

the world is probably full with people who think my eating habits suck but my house is FULL of old dogs who throughly approve! :)

jewel is having a rolling party all by herself on her bed...her 100mgs of tramadol are holding her well tonight. mo said this morning she went out on the ice and they had to rescue her then she just laid down too tired to move. i have no idea where jewel was when i got back from the feed run and joined the walk...but suddenly she came FLYING down the hill and around the pond.....she made me smile but she made me sad too because she looked so old as she ran as fast as her stubby legs would go...almost but not dead yet hey jewel?????
laura pointed out that i have had molly at 18 yrs old for well more than a year now...she came in at 16, she's been here about 3 years so i guess that does make her close to 19 yrs old now...stripe was 19, she has been here 4 years...shit that makes her 23 yrs old now too.
stop it, you guys are killing me!
rosie is yelling at me...she wants in the computer room but i have her shut in the kitchen cuz max has been cranky with her for the last little bit. i prefer her yearning for the floor on the other side of the door then scrambling to get away from the crazy cattle dog....relax rose..i will be there soon, there is still like a million loads of laundry to do.

my head hurts...either it is because my neck is still stiff and sore or it is from thinking too much...whatever, it the loads, take some tylenol...maybe a hot soak in the tub???
sounds good..while i am in there i will try to figure out how old everyone really is now.